April 2

God is what is, the sea of Love and Acceptance that once before the beginning of time was empty and at the same time full. God was empty of anything visible, anything tangible but full of potential of things, beings and creation to come.

God is, and on a sunny day gets fed up of just being. God wants to have some action, and turns its focus, its will and attention upon itself. It asks the first ever question: What am I? The first focus-point of love is created, the children of God, you and me, are created in this first spark of creation.

These sparks of God, still you and me, are curious creatures like all children are. They start running around after each, playing hide and seek in the bosom of God’s Love. The spiral of creation starts turning.

After a long while of eternity a form whirls out of the spiral, the first forms of God gather around those sparks of God that we are. The core of God goes on investigating the potentials hidden in vastness of God. And in the process of creation it also turns its focus upon itself, upon the possibilities hidden within itself. Time after time, ever inwards, ever further into the potentials of creation within God. The vastness of God is gradually slowed down until the first material form is created, the slowest level of creation is reached. And impregnated with a Seed of God, with a Godseed that you are, and have always been.

The Godseed is I am, the core of creation within your being, the source out of which all your experiences flow according to your will, conscious or unconscious. And because we the Godseeds during our descent into matter picked the thought of being separate from God, from Love, Life and Creation, we started to build a heavy shell of fear to protect our being from the threat of our own perception of being separate and alone. We closed ourselves away from the Oneness of God’s Love that allowed us the experience of this illusion. We fought and we feared for a short while of eternity, and Life went on supporting all our endeavors in the deep, dark soil of matter.

Buried in the fearful illusions of matter the Godseeds, still you and me, waited for the time of spring, waited for the long awaited freedom from the illusions of matter. The knowingness that there is something wonderful beyond the shells of my human mind kept life going on, exploring the potentials of fearful creation. The sweet tears of yearning prepared the black soil of matter for the sacred moment of sprouting, for the long awaited spring.

The Godseed reached upwards, grew its blades in an ever growing spiral, and found God, the Oneness of all creation. The Godseed reached downwards, grew its fragile roots into the ground of its being, and found God, the ground of all existence. The Godseed spread its hands to all directions of space, and found itself in all the forms ever created in the vastness of God’s ever ongoing enquiry into what I am.