April 7

Death is a friend, a messenger of Love, always ready to reveal us the truth of the fears and limitations that we are so accustomed to carry. Death is our trusted companion forever fighting for our freedom, for the release of the unnecessary stuff of illusions that we have mistakenly taken as ours. Death, the death of all the fears we thought were Life, is the freedom we all yearn for.

The point is to invite Death into your life before the fears you have chosen to carry lead your body to call for the help of Death. Whenever Death comes it duly releases the soul and spirit from the burdens of human life. And the secret that we are not told is that Death can do its job without taking your body with it. Death is the release from all the burdens of human life, it is the solution to all our troubles.

Not the Death of our body, or somebody else’s body, but the Death of those fears, traumas, sorrows and limitations that burden the innocence of the body. Body is Life going on, forever searching for new avenues of creation, also in the human body. Every single cell of our dear body contains a gene of eternity, a gene that could keep our body renewing itself forever, if only we would activate it.

You see, it’s our thoughts and attitudes that activate our genes, and as we are accustomed to thinking about Death as a fearful entity we activate the destructive potential of our body, the death genes. But when we see Death as our friend and lover, then we can hear the message of renewal it always carries with it, and let the genes of eternity be awakened. By allowing the message of Death reach us before our body has withered away in the fight  against Death we can always renew our body without entering the Gate of Death. By allowing the renewal of our thoughts and attitudes to take place while in the body we keep the juices of Life flowing as long as we hear Death’s message of constant renewal.

Death is a friend and a trusted companion serving the Life of our being. Death loves Life, it urges us to let go of all those thoughts and attitudes that do not enrich Life. And Death will never give up, it will go on whispering in our ears, for Death is Life itself making sure that it never stagnates, not even when we want to.

Remember that the baggage of fearful attitudes you do not let die eventually forces your body to die and your soul to exit this world through the Gate of Death. And you are bound to carry the very same baggage with you the next time you enter through the same gate to this physical world. The Gate of Death and the Gate of Birth are just two names of the Gate of Unknown.

When we embrace the Unknown, when we see that there is nothing to fear nor to die for, we are finally free, finally released from the clutches from our own past. When we embrace Death, hear its true message of Love, we engage the eternal Birth of our body. We are finally at peace, one with Life itself.