April 8

God is the present of the Now, God is only present in the Now, in the timelessness between and before all of your past and all of your future. God is the eternal flow of energy, the sum of all the endless potentials of Life forever present in the core of what you are, and have always been.

You can imagine God of Now as a simple but all-powerful dot of energy at the heart of a sphere of your identity. All of what you are a man or a woman in this world, or in any other world for that matter, has arisen as a choice from that Core of God within you, and is now displayed as a matrix of choices in the spheres of energy around you, around your body.

Whatever you encounter in this world of ours, whomever you ever meet is determined by the choices stored in the spheres around you. They act like filters allowing you to see and act upon those pre-programmed possibilities  of your mind splashed upon those spheres. They filter away all that you are not ready or prepared for, they keep you in the prison of the past choices you have made both consciously and unconsciously. And however strong-minded and willful you are in your conscious mind, in wanting all those things in your life, you are even more willful in your unconscious mind just because you are not conscious of those choices that you have stored on that level. You are a slave of your own mind, a prisoner of your own past, a being pre-programmed to repeat a fate time after time, and life after life… Unless you wake up!

The repetitions are the Key: Whatever keeps on coming up in your life in spite of all the changes you make, is a program of your hidden past come to the fore. You may have sought the perfect partner, and lived through many relationships only to end up with the same emotional desperation, the same feeling of having made a mistake. That sameness of reactions in seemingly different kinds of situations can reveal to you the hidden program that you carry, that you have carried since your birth and even before that because it is the emotional mind-set that was stored in your soul when you last time around exited or died away from this sphere of time, space and matter. It is the program, or a part of it, made visible, which will eventually take you to death if you do not face it with your own divine love and thus deactivate it. It is your death waiting to take place according your own will pre-programmed in the energy-spheres around you. It is your Death Program waiting to be dismantled.

Imagine yourself as the observer in the core of the energetic field around you. Imagine yourself as the creator of all that you ever see, hear, feel or experience. Imagine yourself as the core of your own being, the master of your own life. Imagine yourself as the God of Endless Love presiding right within your being.

Imagine all your experiences as energetic anchors that you have cast in the deep waters of life. Imagine all your powerfully energetic experiences that make you sad, bad, fearful and desperate as possibilities of finally becoming conscious of the anchors that you have cast in all directions of your life.

Imagine yourself hanging in the core of your sphere of life anchored to people, places, things, times and events of your own past. Imagine the frustration you feel in this prison of your of choices. Imagine being Life itself doomed to repeat the deaths of your past. Imagine the stagnation, the desperate need for something else.

Whatever crises you ever encounter in your life, whatever experiences you ever have, they all there because of you, because of your divine power of creation derived from the Core of  God within you. The God of Now in its all-embracing love for you allows you to have them all. They are all yours, all aspects of your own divine power of creation, they are your adventure to be lived and the mystery of your life to be solved. They are the aspects of your human past to be faced and healed, to be embraced by the loving God of Now within you that in its unlimitedness has allowed you to experience them all. They are all yours, yours to learn about your mighty powers of creation. Only when the past of your mind, the unconscious program of Death, has been seen and accepted, loved back to God, can you ever create something else, something totally new from same core of God with you.