April 8

When I first heard Tom Kenyon sing I cried. It was in a preview of the film “The Boy Who sang to The World”, a documentary about one man’s quest to merge modern science, ancient mysticism and sacred sound to awaken humanity’s potential. I was sold, my heart was opened and I wanted to have more of this magic.

I found that Tom Kenyon would soon have a workshop in Vienna, Austria, not too far away from our home in Finland. We, my wife and I, got the last seats in the fully booked hall. We were off for a weekend in Vienna.

Vienna was a friendly city, rainy but full of people who cared, who were human. The workshop was held in a beautiful old concert-hall within a major park. Just one day with Tom Kenyon and hundreds of others.

Tom is a shyish elderly man with a magical voice, voice that travels in and from worlds of tone that you have never heard before. He sings the songs of spirit, of that which is beyond our body, our senses. His workshop concept is simple, just him, his friendly stories and teachings and the magical voice from faraway worlds.

The session just before the lunch-break took me literally far away, my mind left the Tom Kenyon and the hundreds of people around me. I traveled so deep within myself that I could hear the world and the people around me, but I was totally disconnected from it. I heard it, I sensed it, but I was not a part of it. I was free.

I just sat there in my peace, eyes closed, still and unmoving to the world, and full of life within. I had no need for lunch, I was nourished by the worlds beyond, I was full, one with all within and around me.

My wife and the hundreds of people around me stood up and went for their lunch. I just sat there, present and full, enjoying the present of the moment. All my bodily senses were muted, they were like asleep or disconnected, but my mind was enormously awake, full of life directly from the source. I just sat there, just sat there without moving a muscle.

I heard that people were returning for their afternoon set with Tom Kenyon. I sensed somebody near me, somebody approaching. Suddenly my senses exploded, a divine smell of sweet jasmine filled the whole of my being. Somebody, must be my wife, had brought a twig of jasmine and put it under my nose. That fragrance just went through all of my being, to the very core. I had never smelled anything with such an intensity, I had never smelled anything before this wondrous present I got from my wife. The best I ever got.