April 19

Now is the Time, the forever Now, where all our hearts beat the same time.
Let us realize our actual union in the God of Now, in the pulse of Eternal Life.
Let us be One,
just as we have always been!

I just drove home with my seven year old daughter. She explained to me how it was difficult, but still utterly necessary, to see also all evil, all wars and all pollution as Love. Even the car we drove in is Love. Love for her being interchangeble with God, which is a word she avoids because all the fearful energies attached to it. But anyhow everything is Love in her innocent, but so wise, eyes.

She has also commented upon her favorite comics that even though she doesn’t like the villain of the stories, she knows that the villain is needed. Otherwise the stories would not be exciting. And she also knows that all true stories eventually end in the victory of the good, the truth, that which we all carry within us or which actually carries us all, God or Love, however you want to call it.

From that beautiful angle also our own history, the whole of human adventure has needed its own villains, those that have chosen to carry the dark thoughts of the necessary fall into matter. All those villains within and without us have been necessary, for only in heavy pressure of the dark coal of Life are they ever turned into diamonds of Love. Only in the dark soil of matter moistened by the tears of our unconscious suffering can the Godseeds of our inner reality ever sprout. All of what we have ever experienced has been needed, only after having lived through them all do we now stand collectively and individually on the brink of revelation, on the brink of new life as conscious creators of ever expanding realities.

Even the fact that we seem to have been tripped to this fall of consciousness, to this almost total identification with all the matter that we ourselves have created for our own exploration into what we are and what we can be. We are creators gotten lost in our own creation. And all the servants of the so called evil, like Lucifer, Venus etc, have been there to make the confines of our existence ever smaller, the pressure of our illusion ever stronger, so that we one day would get enough of the limitations that we have imposed upon our unlimited being. It’s all for the God of our being, for the remembrance of what we have always been.

The box of matter around us needs to become so tight that we either die, which is the usual way out, or give our eternal soul wholly to matter, and thus give up our divine individuality, or that we finally awaken to our natural glory WHILE within the confines of matter, and enlighten also the material world to its ultimate glory, to a new level of creation where our role is to be conscious creators of ever evolving realities.

It has been a tricky ride for us all, a ride of unsuccessful balancing act between the Good and the Bad, the High and the Low, between all those dualistic thought-sets ingrained into our thinking. Searching for the Good while fighting the Bad and never finding but a momentary respite in this swing of opposites. We have been looking for the stable point of reference from within the confines of matter, and truly we have never found it. None of our sets of thought have never been able to grasp the whole. They have just given us a momentary illusion of peace, just for a little while in eternity.

But what if Good + Bad = God. It sort of looks like it, doesn’t it? What if the sought for stable point of reference only exists in the union of these two seemingly opposite elements? The only stable point of a swing is the point where it is hung, the point that unites and creates the opposing ends of the movement. And oscillatory movement is the defining element of all Life on this material level, everything and everybody vibrates. That’s the fact of our Life as humans.

But the question is: Where are we hung from? Where does that movement of Life originate, in us and around us? And that stable point of reference, of origin, truly has not been found anywhere outside of our being, not from our lovers, our families, our religions, our institutions, states, banks or from our huge corporations. Would we now be ready to turn our search inwards, into the still unchartered regions of our own unconsciousness? Or what if God truly resides right within you? Right where you least suspect it?

Nowadays there are quite a few teachers telling us that “You are God. You are the creator of your own reality. Just use you your imagination and you get all the money, all the lovers and all the fame you ever want. That’s the Secret.” We are told. And most of us who try to apply this, do it in vain. Some minor successes, but still stuck in the same old rut. Why is that?

You see, you are the rut! You are all the preconceived notions of what you can be or cannot be!  You are the set of limits you have chosen to experience in this utterly limited world of ours. And you chose it before you were born here based on your experiences in your previous life, the Life that brought you to the Gate of Death and through it. You are always born with the emotional set-up that the last time around brought about the death of your body. You are born with a Death-Program, the challenge you are here to face and to deactivate in the embrace of your own Love.

You are the mystery of the opposites, the adventure you have chosen for the evolution of Life, or God, through you. You are here to evolve Life, God and Love, and unless you see and accept the personal program of Matter, Death and Fear, that you were born with you will miss the Point, the Point of God within you.

Also you can only face the dark heritage of your being from the Point of God within you. Only in that truth are you daring enough to face the programs of death and destruction that you yourself were born with. Only in God within are you courageous enough to do away with them. From any other point of reference you are only playing games of compromise as you in your cleverness are endlessly ready to find excuses for your own human madness, you don’t want to see the rut you are in as long as you identify yourself even with minutest part of it. You are afraid that there would not be anything left of your identity if you let your miserable past float away. Thus you fight for the destructive death-programs of your identity. You are ready to die for it, once more.

You needed all of your identification with Matter, Death and Fear in order to bring God’s essence, to the furthest reaches of Its Being, to “where the angels fear to tread”. You see the eternal vibration of God, Life and Love are almost brought to a stand-still in matter. It is the slowest God can ever be, nearest to actual death God can ever come. And that’s what we are doing, experiencing God in the farthest reaches of its Being.

We have used our material identity as a diving suit that has brought us all the way down. But who has come down to these worlds of oblivion? Who is the diver? Who is wearing this diving suit of a body? Am I the body or am I a God, an invisible being, who is exploring these heavy spheres of matter clothed in the body? Who am I?

For me the series of pictures (see from God to Godseed below) that I have developed from an ancient symbol of God, the circle with a dot in the center, have become a revelation of my inner nature, of my inborn divinity. For the ancients, and for most of our religions as well, God is One, the wholeness within which all creation takes place. If and when that is true then nothing can ever get outside of what God is, outside of this primal Oneness represented by the circle, or the sphere. So all thoughts of something else, of Good and Bad etc., are mere illusions, created within God’s all-embracing Love for itself.

Just this past night I took my usual meditative walk in my neighborhood. I was reminding myself of my true nature in God, overriding the programs of Death, Fear and Matter that are ingrained in my mind, soul and body as the challenges to be conquered while in this human form. They have risen while God has identified itself with the body and the material forms body is able to govern. That is why these challenges can only be resolved by a God remembering its true nature while in this vehicle of explorations called the body. That’s what we are all endeavoring to do, you and me.

I saw the stars above, their light from millions of light years back, but I also saw or sensed the conduit of their Light, the carrier of all that stuff up there as well as all the stuff down here. I sensed the vastness in between, the invisible source of all that I can see, hear, sense and touch. I sensed God, the all-embracing emptiness within and without everything, the Spirit that binds all this stuff together, the Wholeness that contains it all. I sensed the Core of God within me, the Unmoving movement, The Origin of it all: I sensed who I am, whom I have always been, the unlimited potential of creation, the God of Now, right Now, and forever more.