April 12

There was nothing to begin with, truly nothing that could be seen, heard, sensed, smelt or felt. There was no darkness, no light nor any greyness in between for there was no in-between either. There were no colors, no contours, no visible forms whatsoever. There wasn’t you nor was there me, nor him over there, and still we were all there as seeds and possibilities. All that ever was to be was folded as potentials in the immensity of vibrating Oneness. The vibration was so fast and so intense that no thing nor being had yet escaped its loving embrace. All was One.

This One vast nothingness contained all the possible beings, things, worlds and universes, but none of them had yet formed themselves, become visible and tangible. For this One vast nothingness was pleased with itself, it was at peace with itself, it calmly enjoyed the unlimited potential for creation that it both consisted of and contained within its formless form.

This One vastness has also been called God or Consciousness, the all inclusive presence that one day in eternity – whatever that means – came upon the bright idea of pondering upon itself, of focusing its attention upon itself in a moment of peaceful contemplation. God’s immense energy focused upon a point in its still formless body punctured a hole in the nothingness and something was instantly created.

The intensity of God’s vibration was slowed down for a moment, and its vibration sort of curled itself around innumerable points of itself. These vibratory points of consciousness poured out of God and into God, for obviously nothing could ever happen outside of this all encompassing consciousness.

Creation was let loose, and naturally the firstborn were the seeds of God, the individual forms of God’s immensity bursting into all directions of God and filling its vast formlessness with multitudes of God’s reflections. These pure reflections of God filled all of God and gave it its first ever form. But this form was rather monotonous for wherever these Godseeds – or God’s Points of Observation – went they were there already. Up and down, left and right, back and forth did not have any meaning as all was still the same Good old God filled with its own seeds of creation, by Godseeds of consciousness.

Everything was calm and cool, God content to be itself. The seeds had been seeded and the children had been birthed, it had done the deed, made love with itself. What else could there be for God to do? God was content with its contents, and so were the contents as well – at least for a while. God soon learned that which every parent knows, it needs to keep an eye on its children. You see the Godseeds soon got impatient, there was nothing much to do in the calm vastness of God! No fun! Nothing to play with! What a bore!

Like all children everywhere these Godseeds were lively creatures, they just needed to play along and do something. And there was nothing to play with in the vastness of the One! Luckily for creation they were, like all other children, also great imitators, they were ready to try out whatever their parent did. But the Great God parent didn’t do so much, it was just peacefully content with its contents. Hey, we need some action here!

And then one of the Godseeds happened to contemplate upon itself, it happened to turn its focus upon itself instead of waiting for the others to create some action. It did what God had once done to initiate the process of Creation. And things started to roll again!

By contemplating upon itself the Godseed had lowered its own vibration until out of itself burst out a copy of itself, a mirror-image of slower vibration with which to create with. Just as Godseeds were all contained within the vastness of their parent was this mirror-image of the Godseed contained within the Godseed. Seeding and birthing were both natural actions of these first beings!

The other Godseeds soon followed suit, they turned upon themselves, lowered their vibrational energy and created ever more individually different mirror-images for themselves. This gave rise to new dimensions of space, matter and distance, where back and forth, up and down, left and right soon became meaningful tools of further creation. The fun of playing with the One and its multitudinous forms had just started.

The children of God – the Godseeds – were let loose in the playground of eternity. They spread to all the possible directions within God and gradually created all the possible worlds between the vibrational bandwidth of their source in God or Ego and their mirror-image or Alter Ego. They used Alter Ego – or altered self – as a tool of creation to create form, time and matter within the Oneness of God. And whenever a vibrational plane of creation became boring for these creative children of God, they contemplated upon themselves and birthed a new ever slower vibratory level of existence, a new playground to create ever further.

Thus during eons of time God’s forever vibration was gradually slowed down to create all the structures of time that we now experience in between the tiniest of strings and quarks and the mightiest of galaxies and universes. All and everything including time and space were consciously created from God’s energy of Oneness to fill the forever wholeness of God. The source and the container remains the same, the forever carrier-wave of all Creation. Only the contents or the created forms are in a constant state of flux, of creation.

No thing or being created has ever remained the same. The only entity that remains the same is God, the only ultimate Creator, the sum all past, present and future creation. And that God is the core within all and every thing, being and universe created, it is the loving life-force maintaining it all.

Creation always follows a certain procedure. First there is Will, a direction or focus of the Creator. That Will gives rise to a Thought or a Vision that then gathers within itself the realized form of the Vision. The realization of the Creator’s Will is immediate on the fastest levels of vibration, where there are no limits to this natural expansion of God, from God, within God and for God. Creation is a joyous act being present, of forever giving the presents of God to God.

But somewhere on the way down the vibratory ladder of Creation some of the Godseeds became infested with fear, with a will to limit the Oneness of God’s consciousness. They started to identify themselves more and more with the forms that they created instead of  the Creator of them all within themselves.  All that ever been created been given existence by the Godseed residing within each and everyone of them. They themselves were the forever source of whatever they chose to create by focusing upon it. Why should they be afraid of loosing something they had created? As Creators they could always create it anew, if they so chose.

These troubles started somewhere on the way when creation was approaching the seventh level of vibration, the hertzian level of matter. The Godseeds – or God’s Divine Points of Observation  – had descended through these worlds of different vibratory levels. Every step downward created a veil around the Godseed, a film or a filter through which it could observe and create in the worlds of slower vibration. The Alter Ego resided on the outer fringes of these veils giving a focus-point of creation for the Ego or Godseed itself. Alter Ego was also the focus-point which opened a new level of vibration when the previous one had been examined and experienced to a point of boredom.

Alter Ego was a useful tool of Creation, until the fateful day a Godseed chose to create a vehicle of descend into the slowest of slow worlds of matter. Godseed wanted to see, feel, touch and smell the world that it had created. It wanted to experience fully all the aspects of Creation, all the levels of vibration within the Oneness of God. That is when the idea of human being was hatched, and that is when some of the Godseeds – or Angels – took the daring step into the deep dark folds of matter, and got lost on the way.

You see, by now the descending Godseeds – the creative hands of God – had gathered around themselves a set of veils or vibratory films. These films had gradually dimmed the view of God from within the Godseed and also slowed down the process of creation so that the immediacy of creation was replaced by longer and longer processes of focusing. One of these guys lost its nerve and started to doubt its own role as a creator, it wasn’t quite sure anymore that all that it observed had its source and beginning within itself. Everything took such a long time to create! That is how fear came in the mind of the Godseeds. And fear soon spread through the population as more and more Godseeds shared this experience and started to act it out as well.

For obviously when you do not see the Godseed within your self, when you have lost your direct and conscious contact with the creative source within your own being, you start to fight for the material resources that you can see and touch as well as for the images that you want to maintain. That is how the Godseeds lost their contact with the Ego within, and started to identify more and more with the Alter Ego residing on the outer fringes of their own being.

The human body which was the ultimate vehicle for God’s conscious descend into the wonders of the material world soon became a prison. The Creator – or the Godseed – got trapped within its own creation. The wonderful world of smell, taste, fear, lust, violence and the whole cadre of human emotions took hold of these beings who had already lost contact with the Ego within and put all their hope and focus upon the illusory shoulders of their Alter Ego. The Godseed lost itself in the folds of its own creation, and as it lost God within it started to build Gods without itself – both outside and actually without itself! That’s how religions – or organizations that were supposed to rebind humans with God – got going, from the illusory separation of Godseed from God itself.

The outer material shell of Godseed grew harder and thicker the more the humans focused upon their creative tool of creation called the Alter Ego. They got afraid of loosing their Alter Ego, the illusion they had started to take as real. This focus and worry upon something that was already dead generated worlds and societies of fear as a direct reflection of the fearful attitude of these divine beings. The Godseeds got covered in a thick shell of fearful vibration, the eternal had surrendered to the time and space it itself had once created. And these fearful creatures created networks of fear to support their fears, they created religions to cement the greatest of all fears, the fear that they are separate from God. They created societies, organizations and other illusory orders as they had forgotten the holy order of God within which they resided. They created all manner of alluring phantoms of hope to keep them going in this dire forgetfulness they had chosen as their lot.

And instinctively they tried to use the Alter Ego as a tool of further creation. Yes, they created further, but succeeded only in making the networks of fear denser and darker within and without their beings. The proven method of bursting through a vibratory level down to a slower one did not work anymore. There was nowhere to go, as the vibration of God had reached it slowest limit within matter. There was no way for anything to exist beyond the point of no vibration, beyond the slowness of hertzian matter. The human society obsessed with death had reached a true dead end, a point where the collapse of all the structures and attitudes creating and leading to the dead end was the only way out.

Put still some of these Godseeds dressed us human beings tried to push further. They actually planned  to collapse the human consciousness fully and entirely to the level of matter, so that through  genetic mutation a new slave-like human being could be created for the benefit of the few who had misunderstood their divine omnipotence as something with which to subdue others of their kind. These beings dreaming of ultimate control of the spiritually dead masses of eternally sleeping Godseeds still resided in their own shaky identity of Alter Ego, which in them had become like an enormous black hole eating up all and everybody to maintain its own illusory existence. These dreamers had a tight grip upon a planet called Earth or Terra, they truly planned to turn it into a prison of semi-dead Gods! What a dream!

Fortunately these Gods of death were not alone, nor was Terra alone in Gods omnipresence. For the fortunes of Terra were important for the whole body of God realized as untold universes with their innumerable galaxies, suns and planets. For the divine body of God consisting of suns as innumerable as the cells of our body a diseased planet circling around one of its suns was a cause for action. God needed to take care of itself. And God acted quite like a human body does when it is dis-eased, it got sick.

When a part of any living body is in trouble, sick or inflamed, the organism most often reacts with raising of the body temperature. The fever destroys the viruses or bacteria causing the trouble and thus leads to a regained harmony of the body.

In the same way the fear infested Godseeds – or humans – are the bacteria run amok here on Earth. They have created an inflammation in this planetary organ called Earth that belongs to the planetary body of the Sun. That is why the Sun needs to increase its radiation to raise the body temperature of all of its planets and thus get rid of the bacteria that has run amok on Earth.

Fever is often accompanied by tremors of the body, which equals earthquakes for the planet. Fever comes also with an imbalance of the body temperature, with feelings of sudden coldness followed with extreme sweating. That is equal to the chaotic extremes of climate and flooding on the planetary level.

The enormous towns and cities where more than half of the human population lives are equal to cancerous growths in the body of our living Earth. The cities are growing uncontrollably in all directions, sucking the environment of all the resources and polluting it with all that is left over. The cities send their tentacles – or roads – all over the Earth, supporting each other in this ever increasing cancerous growth. And the body of our dear Earth is raising its temperature to get rid of this cancer threatening its forever life. The same method of raising the body-temperature is also used for curing cancer in a human body.

It is said that bacteria and viruses are the actual building blocks of our body and its cells. They are needed and necessary, but the imbalances that incur have to be treated before they threaten the survival of the whole. In the same manner humans are a necessary part of Earth’s body of life. The imbalances caused by the fearful attitudes of these Godseeds need to be treated, both on the level of an individual and on the level of the planet.

Our individual challenge lies in how we tackle our own fears in the face of the concrete changes that our dear Earth is creating to cure its own body. The fearless individuals survive everything, but the fearful are annihilated together with their cancerous social structures of fear. It is as if we are UNCONSCIOUSLY  facing the same challenge of the crucifixion that Jesus once faced fully CONSCIOUS of what he was doing. We have been focusing on his crucified body for almost two thousand years now, no wonder we have thus created this planetary crucifixion as our shared challenge. What do we do when we are faced with death that we ourselves have brought about? That’s the question!

This darkness lays thick upon the Godseeds enclosed in the black fertile soils of Terra. The thickness of their shells is slowly being eaten up, slowly penetrated by waters of remembrance while the warming rays of divine Love are warming the whole planet, its climate and its dark soil of forgetfulness. The Godseeds are waking up, there is a slow opening of the God within, of life itself within each and every Godseed. Life is gradually being ignited, woken up from its deep sleep of forgetfulness.

Many of the Godseeds are still fighting for their own illusory shells of protection, for all those structures arisen from their old belief in Alter Ego instead of their Ego in God. They are fighting for the mere scaffolds that have enabled God to descend as a conscious being to the farthest reaches of its own being.  Through Godseeds or Godchildren God has wanted to make known the unknown and to conquer time and space and all matter created within it.

The shells and scaffolds created by the Godseed around itself have been necessary to ensure that God within the seed can one day awaken within the darkest soil of matter and become it as a fully conscious creator of all life. What new adventures await these Godseeds now sprouting when they realize God within every aspect of their own being and accept God in every aspect of their fellow beings? What new worlds and realities can we create when the Godseed of our innermost being has bloomed to its divine glory?

The whole sum of already created and still to be created universes becomes ours to play with, God’s creation flows effortlessly through us in joyous eternity. God has come back home to itself, the Prodigal Son has returned with the conscious wisdom of its fully felt experiences. God has born fruit, sown new seeds for a new round of Creation. The Godseed has sprouted.