April 17

A closed world of darkness. All alone, everything far away, not to be reached. The borders near, here within me. The borders that protect and isolate, the borders that give me peace, room to grow. I have created this world, I have chosen this space, these are my borders.

The world grows with me, the world gives back, it is formed by my strength, it is mine. All that I ever meet is a challenge, all borders are there to be crossed, life is behind them all, the unknown. I play the game of my world, I meet the challenge, and I am ready to move.

The silent space is whispering within me, I can hear the peaceful throbbing of the heart through it, I can feel the vibration of life, the movement. All the feelings of the world pass through me, all love and hate, all light and darkness. I belong to something greater, I am within feelings and forces that I cannot see nor govern. Those feelings are true, I feel them, they create my world. They pass through me, the invisible.

I am here in the hub of my world, in the core of the Universe. Everything is dependent on me, everything belongs to me. The borders, all the worlds yet to be faced surge over me forming my world and myself. I have to find new borders, I have to unite myself with the unknown vibration of life. I have to forge together matter and mind, body and spirit, the limits and the unlimited.

The world swirls around me, there is not much room in it, the borders squeeze me, they oppress me. The invisible world is forming me to suit itself, it is pushing me around. The world that a moment ago protected and supported me has turned against me, it is pushing me away, it is ready to squash me. The world forms its creator, my borders mold me.

That which a moment ago was a safe and friendly cradle of life, has become my enemy, it cannot stand me any more, I cannot stand my borders. This world, these clear borders are all that I know. Its darkness and its loneliness, its protection and peace are all that I know. And now I cannot stay here any more, I do not fit within my world any more. I am afraid.

The unknown awaits me, the unknown that has kept whispering about the unlimited worlds outside my borders. It has given me hints, passed my borders as a song, crossed them in a silent joy and struck me as a light in the darkness of my world.

I am tightly squeezed, the surge of oppression has raised me against my world. My unease and my pain are growing, I cannot stand this much longer. These borders are not wide enough for me, this suffering cannot be all that there is. I must have something else, I need freedom, I need light, and I need a new world.

The borders lie heavily on me, they are crushing me against their stony forces, they are waking me up to jump, to die and to give up, to abandon the misery that oppresses me. I fight against them, I want to remain within my knowledge. I want this familiar pain, I want these borders that I have created for myself. I do not need anything else.

My world grows more violent, my borders more oppressive, they put me down, they force me to cross over, to abandon myself to the forces that keep pushing me forward, outward. I do not want to, I do not trust the unknown for I do not know it. I am afraid, I try to protect myself, but the world does not give up, it continues, it keeps pushing me into the new world of light I have been silently yearning for.

Silence, space, the eternal vibration of worlds, their endless birth and death. I trust, I know, I am the world within and without my borders, I am everywhere, unlimited. I am in light, I am a creation of light, and I am the light itself. I am all the borders and all the forces outside them. I have got all the power to die crossing them, to die and to be reborn into a new world, into a new life. I am alive, I am life itself, the eternal movement, unlimited and whole.