April 23

For almost an eternity – over a half a century – I have done my utmost to fit in this world of mine. I have tried out all the possible tricks of the trade, all the roles of being a man I have been able to figure out, and only found brief moments of passing satisfaction. I have been a good man, a bad man, a lonely man, a common man, a desperate man and a creative man. I have been a woe-man, a who-man, a wonder-man and a whether-man, only to find out that none of the roles I have played have ever lasted for more than a fleeting moment or turned out to be more profound or meaningful than the others. All of them are just passing moments in the ever turning kaleidoscope of Life.

The funny thing about all this is that in spite of my brief successes and repeated failures as a role figure on the Stage of Life I have actually survived all of them. I am alive, I am somehow greater than any of the games that I have ever chosen to play. I am … what?

For surely there obviously is something more profound, something more real than these changeable characters of our human drama? Something that always remains after the curtains are drawn and all the role figures are put to rest? Something that remains the same in spite of the roles I play, in spite of the passing dramas of my Life? What is it that I am beyond all that I have experienced as a man? Who am I?

These questions remained echoing in my mind. I wanted to know. I read the best books, I heard the most magnificent teachers, and I was intrigued to learn that there was an all-encompassing Oneness, something that included even me and all of my experiences. Some people called it the Quantum Soup others called it God – with all the cultural variations of the word – and most people just tried to ignore this threatening greatness that seemed somehow to be all around us, but still not in us. And to make matter even worse most people were brought up to think that this Great Something was petty enough to judge us harshly whenever we did not behave as it had ordained. How could I ever sort this out, this mess of meanings that the wisest of men – but not you and me for sure – have only dared to touch every now and then?

Then one day while I was driving my taxi-bus along the wintery roads of my home island, Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea, I saw, or felt and knew the answer. It could be described by just three words that formed themselves in my mind. Those three words became the Key of Life for me. And those words were ”Just a Thought”, meaning that I myself was essentially ”Just a Thought”, an invisible spiritual entity carrying thoughts that in turn created my reality.

”So what!” you might say. ”That ain’t nothing much, I’ve heard all of that thousands of times before! Come on, don’t try to kid me.”

”Just a Thought”, it is simple enough a thought(sic), but when it fell in the fertile darkness of my mind it produced a wonderful vision, a Flower of Life I want to share with you. It was actually like a key that miraculously opened up the Gates of my Heaven which had been closed for a such along time. ”Just a Thought” was the key that I myself had slung away in the darkest corner of my own mind a long long time ago. The sudden revelation of what ”Just a Thought” meant opened my mind for the vast meaningful vistas of the divine mind that forever stands at the heart of every role we play and in the core of every prop we ever place on this magnificent Stage of Life.

”Just a Thought” is the main feature in all and every game or drama we ever play. Just bear with me for a while and let me explain what I mean. You might be surprised, you might even be elated, your mind and your life changed by seeing a new wider meaning for all that you have ever experienced.

Just think that you are ”Just a Thought”, an invisible and undefinable entity of living Spirit, a respectable of any thought whatsoever you choose to carry. Just think that you have the unlimited freedom to play any which role of humanity you ever will, that there is nothing but your own mighty will that can ever restrict your expression of Life. Just think that when you get bored with the role that you have chosen to play, you have the whole spectrum of Life to choose from to create a brand new and exciting role and experience. Just think that you are an expression of ”Just a Thought”, a reflection of any thought in the vastness of the Universe that you choose to carry.

Just think that thought! Think it even though you may have other thoughts in your mind that immediately scream and shout: ”No, no and no. That is not possible! That is weird and crazy. Don’t you ever think that way!” All your previous thoughts, all the stagnant truths that you have created out of them, fight for their life, for their survival in your being. Those thoughts that you have once chosen with the help of your family, friends and and society are now crystallized in your mind as your own. Their accepted dominance in your life is threatened by a new thought that seemingly puts all thoughts on equal basis, and gives you the right to choose them without the pressures of neither your past nor your society. That kind of freedom is threatening for all those thoughts that you have already chosen to live and die for, that kind of freedom is unacceptable for those jailers of your spirit.

But can you see that the judgement that arises in your mind when you are faced with a new thought – ”Just a Thought” – is merely an almost unconscious reaction of your old thoughts fighting for their survival? Can you see how our lives are created by the thoughts that we carry? Do you see how all our troubles arise from thinking that some thoughts are more right or wrong, some more beautiful or ugly than others? This inbred attitude makes us strive towards the expression of one set of thoughts and towards the suppression of another set of thoughts. Obvious, don’t you think? Have you ever found anything but passing moments of harmony and satisfaction in this swing of opposing thoughts? Have you ever found peace on this dramatic stage of eternal opposition?

Just imagine a swing, like the one you used to love to swing as a child. Back and forth, back and forth, that was the fun, the experience of the movement. Its the same fun that we have had on this emotional stage of human life; back and forth, back and forth, good and bad, death and birth, you and me, back and forth …

Yes, it surely has been fun, but aren’t you getting bored by now? Haven’t you already got enough of that back and forth, and good and bad, that emotional balancing trick that we have never really been able to master. Just like there always comes a time when a child looses her interest in the endless swinging – actually because the organ of equilibrium in the inner ear has matured because of the movement – and starts to look for other interesting experiences. Haven’t we got enough of those ”other interesting experiences” of back and forth by now? What else is there? What else could there be? And how could I ever find it if it truly existed?

Look at your swing. Look at your life residing in your own emotional swing. Whether your swing is a piece of board hanging with two ropes from a tree or a seesaw balanced on a stand, there is always a place of balance which while making the swinging of back and forth possible, never moves at all! A swing or a seesaw can never be built without an unchanging and unmoving point of balance. It just needs to be there. There is no way around it.

So analogically there needs to be a point of balance within your Life and Being, something that allows you to swing back and forth in the emotional swings of your daily life. Have you ever wondered where that might be? What is it that remains the same through all of your highs and lows of experiences? Where is that miraculous point of stability, the origin of all that you have ever experienced as a human being? Where does the Swing of Life hang from?

Are you ready to follow a thought? Are you ready for ”Just a Thought” that may differ from what you have got used to thinking, or swinging from? Are you ready to follow a new line (sic) of thought, something that may actually lead you to the origin of what you are, and what you are experiencing as back and forth, good and bad, day and night …?

Just give a new thought a chance and let it resonate in your being. Just give yourself a chance to experience something beyond what you already know. In order to do it you need to try it out for yourself, you need to withhold your fire, your reactionary attack of judgement in the face of ”Just a Thought” you are not yet familiar with. It’s all up to you, it actually hangs from the unmoving balance point of eternity right smack in the middle of your being. It sure does. I’ll show you a way there. Do you want to come along, to follow the line of your thoughts and experiences to their origin within yourself?