May 25

I willingly and faithfully,

place myself in the hands of God,

and let God act through me,

to experience my own creation.

My dear friend David once sent me the above. Just those simple words, full of meaning and wisdom. He joyfully explained to me what he had understood and written down as the ultimate prayer.

I accepted the precious gift and placed those words in the right hand corner of my computer screen. That’s where they have waited for me to understand and experience their full meaning.

This morning while walking my meditation I experienced the depth of that prayer. All my deeds, and all the deeds ever done to me, seemingly good or bad, where shown to me to be of God, for God has created them all in order to reveal itself to itself while in human form.

The Core of God within me has created them all so that I can learn to accept the unlimited power of my own creative being. I am the creator behind all and every seemingly separate aspect of my life. I am the great giver of it all, the source of unlimited abundance, independent of how I ever choose to judge or experience it.

All the hurts I have ever chosen to feel have been mine, all the sorrows I have ever chosen to carry have been mine, all the anger I have ever chosen to express has been mine, and mine only. All those brave people who have dared to ignite my emotions, the shadows of my past, have been servants of mine, servants of God urging me to face my own reactionary nature, the limits I as the unlimited being that I am have chosen to experience

Thank God for the bumpy ride of my life. I have needed all of my experiences, good or bad,  to come to this revelation about myself. The Core of God within me is the creative source of all my life. The very same Core of God carries every single being also in the untold universes beyond my present life. Every time I choose to judge ANY aspect of anything or anybody I judge myself, the Core of God that is always free to express itself in myriad of ways both known and unknown to me. God never judged me. Why should I judge anybody or anyOne within the United Field of God? Why would I be less than the Oneness of it all?

I have been dying slowly all through my life. A Program of Death has been running in my mind, in my soul and in my body. My Program of Death is the residue of the unfinished business of my previous experiences as a man or a woman, it is all the hidden programs and limitations that have so many time lead me to the gates of Death, and through them. Through the same gates that on my way back in have been called the Gates of Birth.

These individual Programs of Death are our shared heritage on this Earth. We have all chosen to experience death on this plane of existence. That’s what brought us all back here, and that’s what keeps us all imprisoned in the individually messy pasts that we choose to carry around. We are all prisoners of our own past; until the very day we accept it all. When we accept, or love, all the aspects of ourselves in the past, present and future. We choose to be present with what is, right now.

We usually choose to be present with what has been, or with the Death Program we carry, and thus lead a life of death. We kill nature, we kill people, we kill whatever we meet and ultimately also kill ourselves in order to keep our own Death Program alive. That’s what we have been doing for eons. Wouldn’t it be time for change, for real change, change within my own being?

How about letting my own Program of Death die? How about letting the whole of my past lot of burdens die? How about finally surrendering to the unlimited love that has allowed me to experience all of these limitations?

Only by letting out illusory programs of death die can we ever conquer the Grim Reaper, the death that we are usually serve to all and sundry. Death is everybody’s lot, but only as long as we believe in it, as long as we choose to maintain its might upon us.

It is a scientific fact that every single of our trillions of cells contains a gene of eternity, a gene that could renew all of our cells for ever. But as we have never given our body the message or the key, which is necessary for the activation of the gene, we have kept on both dying and dealing death to all around us. It’s an old habit. We are stuck on dying, stuck on old repeated thoughts of death.

If you want to stop dying, to stop destroying your own body and the body of Mother Earth by your destructive thoughts, you need to let those thoughts die. You need to face the undercurrents of your own mind, those ugly monsters of the past, which have now run your life for far too long. You need to face the limitations that you have chosen to carry, you need to face all those dear devils that you have given your life for far too long.

You need to accept the mess of your own mind, the mess clearly visible in the world around you. You can only clean the mess after you have accepted its presence in your own mind. You, and only you, are the sole creator of it all. All of it from you to you! That’s how mighty a creator you have always been!

You can choose not to die, when you choose to die to all those ancient thoughts of death that you have allowed to run your life. You can be the savior of your own world when you choose to die to death, choose to stop giving your forever life away to the illusions of death programmed in your mind. You are the programmer, you are the Creator, you have no reason to be afraid of what you have once created. You, the Creator, can choose to create something new. You can recreate your own world!

It’s just a question of what do you want? Where do you want to focus your mighty will? What do you as the actual Creator of your life choose to create in this precious moment of Now, in this forever presence of unlimited possibilities? What is it that you want?