June 15

In early 1985 I saw a vision of empty and abandoned tower blocks in my home town near Helsinki, Finland. I sensed the approaching of some great catastrophe that would affect the whole area. I chose to buy a remote farm far in the country and resettled my family on a hill almost 100 meters above the sea-level.

In 1990 I read my first books by Ramtha who warned about great Earth Changes that would change the whole planet; sea-levels would rise about 100 meters and most major towns would be submerged. By then I had already abandoned my farm and my family in search of myself. I had returned back to the region of my home town by the coast.

Some years later I saw an another vision where robot-like soldiers calmly did away with each other. They stood on both sides of a deep and endlessly long ditch and politely took turns in shooting each other. When the soldiers by the ditch were hit they fell down upon each other. New soldiers eager to die took their place by the ditch, the locomotion of death went on…  I also saw naked beautiful women calmly taking a bath in a pool where they one by one melted away into a gluey mass. Just some of their curvaceous body parts were left to float in the pool. Soon they also melted away giving way for an endless stream of women ready for their dissolution. The masses of men and women both coolly did away with themselves.

So for well over 20 years I have been conscious of some great changes just around the corner. Ramtha’s, and many others’, predictions of awaiting doom have intensified specially in the face this present year 2012, when many different traditions and even scientific evidence converge to tell us about the approaching doom. Some see it as the collapse of our financial and social structures, some as a stray comet or planet wreaking havoc upon Earth and creating huge tsunamis that could do away with most of our big cities. Also a new world war of nuclear dimensions can be observed brewing in the Middle East. Many scientists await huge solar storms that could do away with all the electrical structures of our world. And some people see all of this taking place. That should be the end of our world as we know it.

I am writing this sitting calmly in my home overlooking the sea just a stone’s throw away. I am fully conscious of all these predictions, I have even sought to relocate my family to other regions, somewhere high up on a mountain. I have traveled in search of a new home for my family, but have not found anything. I am right here, right now.

What do these messages of doom really tell about? What am I to do in the face of them all? What is the end of the world I have been waiting for?

This past half a year has been full of endings, full of worlds that have been brought to an end. Not only for me, but as far as I understand for so many people all over the world. My wife died in the throes of breast cancer in February leaving me alone with our daughter of seven years of age. My taxi-company died just two weeks later, leaving me without a steady income. I also got face the fears of having cancer myself, when a lump was removed from my leg just some weeks after my wife’s death.

And finally my belief in being alone, misunderstood and unsupported by the people around me died just yesterday, when I was faced with a full realization that all of those attitudes are mine, and only mine. When I chose to let them die, I allowed my world to show me another side of itself. I was freed from my past burdens and found myself to be a part of a loving, supportive and co-creative world. Is there something else that still needs to die? What other ends of a world are still left for me to experience?

You see, during these searches for stable ground, for higher ground to survive the coming changes, I have gradually got glimpses of something hidden, of something forgotten, of something that seems to be the true answer to my search. I’ll do my best to tell you what I have found.

One of the basic tenets of Ramtha’s teachings is that God, the ultimate source of all life and all creation, resides within each and every one of us. Whatever we have ever done, dreamed or envisioned has never brought us outside of God’s all-encompassing Oneness. We just cannot get outside of God!

That may be a difficult equation for many of us who have been raised up to fear the damning and limiting God of the church. We do not want to live in his presence! Just as my 7 years old daughter almost shivers every time I use the word God. She insists on using the world Love instead. For me both God and Love are equal with the unlimited field of Oneness giving rise to all and everything. I have in my mind filtered away all the limiting aspects from the word of God. That is the God I write about!

What if this divinity within is the higher ground we need to acknowledge in order to face the challenges of our life, whether they are personal or national crises of economics, war and pestilence? We do not need to find it as it has been there all the time, we just need to remember it, to create a daily contact with this source of all things and beings. Is the mountain that I have sought to find in this world actually the mountain of God within? The fearless place of observation out of which all creation endlessly flows?

You surely remember the ancient symbol of God, a circle with a dot in the middle. For me it represents the Oneness of all creation and the focus-point of energy out of which all creation arises. Ramtha calls the place of beginnings the Point Zero. Whatever has ever been created has always remained within the circumference of God, within the Oneness.

Not even human beings, those children of God, have ever escaped the vibratory embrace of God. We have just imagined those things of loneliness and separation, and created worlds to reflect that illusion. We have created our own hell of pain and sorrow. How about letting that illusion to die? How about freeing our world from the shackles of our own past illusions? How about choosing the forever Oneness within instead of the illusory splinters of the world as my base of action, the creative motivation of my life? How about becoming God, acknowledging my true identity?

The following poem is a description of one of my awakenings, of those moments when the intensity of my painful illusions become too much to bear, and I choose to let them die. There is always something vast and beautiful beyond the apex of pain that exists to give me a focus to my energies. Every painful moment of fear and utter isolation is a possible doorway to worlds beyond, it is a culmination of my limited life, which can open itself to the unlimited reality of my source.

A Night of God

I am exhausted after having tried out
all the possible means of being a man
I have tried to change the world
to change myself
and to change my
nearest and dearest

I have done all that a man can
I am at my wits end

I step out in the garden
The evening is dark
only glimpses of light penetrate the shadows
surrounding me

I have nowhere to go

”What am I to do in this world?
What am I good for?”
Echoes urgently in my mind

The answer arises in a flash
A voice that is simple and clear
”Be God!”

The answer reverberates
creates its own reality of bliss
I am filled with causeless Joy
with a pure presence of being

Everything is enlightened
in my mind’s eye
The darkness of the night vanishes
in the light of God

God is so simple and so near
Always ready to serve
always ready to be
also in me

Our lives are full of these Gates of Heaven, these possibilities of realizing our true unlimited nature. But unfortunately we have disfigured them with frightful signs and sights of death and destruction, and called them the Gate of Death. So every time we approach our true unlimited nature we get entangled in the nets of our innermost fears. The tensions are immense, and for a purpose. Only by building up our energies in these farthest reaches of our limited mind can we ever catapult ourselves back to God, back to the unlimitedness where our journey once started. There right within us God forever waits for the return of its Prodigal children, for you and me.

Come Home

I stand in front of a gate
a shining concave of metal
It is slightly ajar
I see a huge paw of a bear
about to open the gate
I stand there scared stiff
frozen in my fear
I have nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
the bear is coming through

Just a thought…

What if I were not afraid?

The bear opens the gate
comes through and
takes me in its huge embrace
I embrace
I am embraced
filled with immense joy
of love
Me and my bear
I myself

When my present world of limitations has truly run its course, when there truly are no fears left to conquer, what is the new reality arising from its ashes? What lays beyond the end of a world? Are there any catastrophes for the unlimited mind? Is there any pain or sorrow? What is when I am…?