July 17

The Universe is a great playground
where the players themselves
set the limits
for their experiences

There are no authorities
no greater or lesser entities
nobody to make up your mind
but you

You are totally on your own
totally free to explore
any which aspect of
the Universe you wish

The human illusion
of hierarchies upon hierarchies
keeps you imprisoned in fear
as long as you so choose

You are Joy itself imprisoned in Fear
You are the prison
the prisoner and
the prison warden
guarding them all

All the walls
all the bars in the windows
all the locked gates
are made and manufactured
by you     only you

There is nobody out there
keeping you in here
There is nobody outside of your being
holding you imprisoned

There is no savior
no master nor lover
nobody to free you
from the shackles of your own mind
except you

You are the Only One
The Only savior you ever need