August 4

The last months we have heard increasingly many news about the highly positioned bankers, the true – but until now hidden – leaders of our world, facing charges of criminal prosecution, quitting their jobs or committing suicide. Something great is brewing, a true change is in the air. The YouTube link attached awakened my eyes to the vastness of this process that is threatening the very core of the financial network, the intricate structure of cruel power that has held us imprisoned in the clutches of fear for so long.

The boat of big bankers is sinking, the almost almighty ”hidden hand” of the market forces is being shown to us in all of it’s crookedness. Are we finally ready to see what has taken place both in our own country and in the countries of the whole world? Are we ready to let the rats leave the boat and take the helm of our destiny back into our own hands? Are we ready to be truly independent, both as nations and as individuals? For a nation can only be truly independent when its inhabitants are also individually independent.

The following is a brief description of this process of world enslavement during the past twenty some years seen through the development of my native country, Finland. Whatever happened to Finland happened to most every country in the world in some form of another, and also to most every human being on this troubled Earth heading through unprecedented times of turmoil. It all happened in all of us, because of the mostly unconscious processes within each and every one of us. We have created this troubled world for us to see ourselves and our creative might in it. It is our own mirror.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 my native country, Finland, was given a window of opportunity to choose to stand on its own, independently as it is said about countries and individuals. Unfortunately the ”independence” was already by then gravely compromised; we had lost it, not in the war but in the political and financial games that followed it.

First of all in fear for our mighty Eastern neighbor, or Soviet Union, created a national climate, politically called Agreement of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance from 1948, where we were always ready listen to the ”whispers” of our Big Brother, ready to mold our independence to suit the wishes of our neighbor. And Finland was quite successful in its tightrope act, the country flourished economically as it was able to balance in between the two blocks of the Cold War era, east and west, and still remain at least formally independent.

Just prior to end of 1980’s Finland was enjoying the prosperity arising form this mutual dependency, where Finland was able to provide Soviet a ”neutral” contact towards the capitalistic west and Finland was able to use the vast neighbor as a vast ”home market” for easily, or politically, made huge sales of industrial products.

Then came the precursors of the Soviet’s fall, the grumbling of the whole Cold War balance act all over the world. One of the most important facts in this process was the opening of the of the Finnish banking world towards the world markets. Free lending soon changed the status of Finland from an economically independent country to one of the many heavily indebted countries of the world. Almost all of the countries in our world went through this same process in various individual forms. ”The invisible hand” of the market forces was preparing the world for a kill.

And as Finnish leaders had learned to listen to the whispers of the ”Big Brother” in east they soon learned to listen to the whispers of the Big Brother in west. They did not dare to use the window of opportunity in 1991-94, they were not ready to lead their country to a true independence. In stead they chose to have a new master, this time in Brussels instead of Moscow, who would tell them what to do and how to lead their country, or actually how to give up their country for those Big Brothers to lead.

Finland was shepherded to European Union through a mock vote in 1994. The ”right” result was decided before hand both by the politicians and the media, the people just needed to be coached to vote ”yes” by any means; the cheapest of which was the promise to lower the prices of flour, eggs and sugar if we voted ”yes”. And we did, or most of us did, and the prices were low for some months of the first year…

The rest is history: the gradual tightening of the grip of the international private bankers upon all the nations of the world and the gradual tightening of the European Union towards United States of Europe as a proffered solution to the mess that bankers that prowled, raped and massacred the nations of Europe, and the world, one by one starting from the weakest and heading towards the strongest. Acting like any pack of bloodthirsty wolves when allowed to shepherd a huge but meek flock of sheep towards slaughter. The wolves just do their job, just as long as they are allowed…

The tide seems to be turning, the wolves are being seen for what they are, and the sheep are finally awakening from their self-induced slumber, awakening to see that they are also wolves, and even bears or whatever they choose to be. They just let themselves to be hypnotized to accept the role of the sheep in order to fully experience the illusory sense of being a victim that they have carried in their souls for so long…

This is the time to shed all those limiting thoughts of the past and regain the throne of our individual creativity both as individuals and as nations. And there are individuals and there are nations, like Iceland, that have shown us that it can be done also in this world, and under this Sun. True change is possible, it is necessary.

That is the true teaching of our times, that is the opportunity of true change available for us when the old structures of fear and limitations crumble around us. That is the present of our dear brothers, the bankers, they carefully painted our own inner greed on the great canvas of the world so that we would finally see ourselves in this broken mirror of fear and chose independently to create something new, something still unknown instead of our crippling past now being revealed. The moment of revelation is Now, the only Present where all Life is united, in this precious heartbeat, right Now.

Bankers arrested…