August 26

You surely remember the ancient symbol of God or Sun, a circle with a dot in the middle. Circle being the two-dimensional rendering of a sphere, both of which contain the greatest volume within the shortest circumference in their own dimension, thus representing the all-inclusive Oneness within which all creation takes place.

The dot in the middle of the circle represents the first movement of creation, the moment far beyond time when Oneness, God or the Source for the first time contemplated itself, focused its will right smack in the middle of its vastness. It was the first act of creation, the moment when the children of God where created in God’s image. They were free to create within God as they pleased, they were to make God known to itself, to realize all the potentials that lay hidden in the vast Oneness of God.

That first act of creation was the first ever bull’s eye in this universal game of focus. It was the first time God’s will was focused right within itself, thus creating the starting point of all creation. God was impregnated by its own will. Since then God has learned more and about itself through further acts of creation perpetuated by those beautiful and adventurous children of God.

Sin was the method of creation used by God’s children, to sin was the only possible way to explore the vastness of God. We needed to deviate from perfection to explore the vastness of what God could be.”To sin” originally meant ”to miss the bull’s eye”. Without sin nothing would have ever been created, God would have remained the same, unexplored and unexpressed.

We, you and me, are those children of God that have sinned our way to the furthest reaches of God’s universe. By repeatedly sinning, or missing the mark of divine perfection, we have gradually made our way from those ephemeral dimensions of the beginnings to these harshly concrete dimensions of time and matter. Our journey has taken us so far away from the beginnings that we have forgotten our origins, our eternal union with God or the Source of all creation. That is why our present creation, our human world, is based on our imagined separation from the Source, which maintains our innermost fear of being alone. Thus the fear of annihilation, the fear for survival, has been the basic premise of our world.

That is why we have created a reality where our sins, or our deviations from the divine Oneness, are painfully visible. As our sinful fear for survival and our technical capacity to manipulate the Earth have both reached their outer limits, we have started to behave like cancerous cells do in our own bodies. We have created huge cities like cancerous growths that suck to in both human and natural resources while spewing out poisons, waste and human illness. By fighting blindly for our own momentary survival we totally ignore that our actions threaten the survival of the Earth itself. We are depleting the life-force and the resources of the great being that maintains our life. Our sinful pulse of creation has come to a dead end. This method cannot lead us any further, we must find a new ground for our creativity, a new focus that is for, not against, the forever life in the vastness of God’s Oneness.

All our sins are now fully manifested in our reality, the situation is so precarious that we just must find a new method of creation, a new direction for our mighty will. For until now we have constantly reached outward from the core of God within, we have sought to make ourselves known on the canvas of the world. We have succeeded. When we look at our world and our dear Earth it is obvious that we have painted a disastrous and sinful image of ourselves, we have painted death, pain, sorrow and anxiety all over the canvas. We have painted over the natural beauty of our world.

I see us human beings as God’s children, I even use and sense the same simplified form of the circle with a dot as a true symbol for me and for every other human being. This simple symbol is a valid for both the greatest entity of all, God, and for the minuscule building blocks of our material world, the atoms and cells. It is also an old symbol for Sun, or the giver of Life on our planet, as well it is a valid symbol for a human being or the Son of God, that bridging entity uniting the heavens and the Earth. ”As below so above.”

We, like all children everywhere, resemble our parents. We all have the same potential qualities of God or our Father/Mother, we are equal to our Source. The greatest dream of any healthy child is to become like the parent, or even more. In this case to realize the same unlimited Oneness within the confines of the material body, the vehicle we have created to explore our own creation. That is what our brother Jesus did, he became Jesus Christ or Godman, and that is what we all can do, we can grow to become Michael or Mary Christ or Godbeing. We just need to see how…

What I have learned is that I can turn my willful focus upon the Core of God within me, or ”the dot”. By bringing my focus back to this minuscule gate of eternal life and energy within my being I can re-engage the conscious connection that I also have lost in this sinful world of ours. I can remember who I am, whom I have always been. I can hit the bull’s eye.

This refocusing can be done in meditation, in letting go of all of the daily thoughts floating about in the blue sky of my mind. When I focus on the blue sky, or on the origin, instead of the visible clouds, or thoughts, I can regain contact with my own origin, or God.

The refocusing can also be done in the heat of my daily life whenever the tensions of my emotions become unbearably high, whenever I cannot take something anymore. That intensity of energy reveals a blockage in the natural flow of life, and gives me a painful reason to release the pain. The energy bound in an opinion or an attitude, which is disharmonious with what is, is thus revealed. When it is seen it can also be released.

You can just see the futility of your pain, how unnecessary it is, and let it go. Or you can bring this energy that has been bound in a conflict back to you, back to the Core of God within you, whence it once emanated. In any case you gain the wisdom of your experience and you open up your mind for new adventurous experiences. You reconnect with your unlimited freedom of creation, you touch the bliss of your being. You hit the bull’s eye.

This process of turning our focus from the world, or the created, back to the God within, or the Creator, can be illustrated with the same circle and dot as God itself. When I see myself as the Core of God surrounded by a sphere of energy I can also intuit the traumas of my past, or energy blockages, as hanging in this sphere like filters or shadows that are always moving around us in search of people, events and experiences similar to those that first created the blockage. Whenever something like the troubled past is found in the precious moment of now the shadow or the filter immediately moves to the forefront of my focus. It spoils the innocence of the Now and reminds me of what has been. But there is a reason for it, a loving reason for that which so often leads to painful repetitions of the past long gone.

The past trauma forces itself to the forefront of our focus because it yearns to be freed, it yearns to be released from the prison of our mind. This can only happen when the trauma, the blockage of energy, that I carry in my energy field is seen for what it is. It needs to be accepted, to be seen like any naughty child hung on repeating some stupid activity.

Unfortunately our instinctive response is to ignore the trauma or to suppress it even further. That we do mainly by blaming the people, places and things that activated our response, or brought our own shadows to focus. We do not want to face our own responsibility for the ongoing creation of our own life and reality. We rather choose to be victims of circumstances. We choose to die in ignorance.

To sin is to create and to learn from my sins is to become wise. Instead of fighting my own shadows hanging in the sphere of my being I can choose to bless and love them when they are made visible on the canvas of my world. I can hear them, I can see them, I can love them; that is what they are shouting for. When embraced by us, their creator, they are all one by one brought back to the Core of God, the Source of Creation within. These traumas turn into wisdom when they get to tell their story to us, to their divine creator. We are released from our own past when the energetic flow of creation that was once stopped in its tracks by something that was deemed dangerous gets to flow back to where it once started, back to the Core of God within us. The sins of our past are brought back to the bull’s eye. Our sins become wisdom upon which the creation then gets to go on.