August 28

Do you ever find your mind churning upon some totally insignificant issue? Just going round and round about something like your tongue ever seeking the new cavity in the perfect line of your teeth. The issue may be about the time you failed to say the ”right thing” in a conversation or you almost crashed in another car or just failed to notice the reduced price of a product or you sold something you regret or whatever…The issue does not really matter at all, but the churning or repetition itself matters as well as the emotion that is hiding behind the issues. The emotion that remains the same irrespective of the issues.

Your mind really is like your tongue, it always picks up that which disturbs the wholeness of your mind or of your mouth. It repeatedly returns to where there is something wrong, something missing, something that bothers. Unless we ignore the cavity of the mind or the tooth. In that case the unsolved issue is pushed into the unconsciousness, it is pushed away but not finished with. One day it will rise up like a demon of old and cause pain in your mind, mouth or body. ”See me, feel me, touch me, heal me” is the song of all our pains stored in the dark layers of our unconscious mind. They will never give us up before we have acknowledged, accepted and loved them into freedom, before we have freed ourselves from the emotions of our past.

Just look at the issues churning almost automatically in your mind, just let them tell their story. If you observe closely without judging you can start to discern a pattern, an emotional issue that seems to be common for those things you are almost forced to think about. When you look at your issue it does not matter whether you feel regret for killing a mosquito, a mouse or a mammoth. What matters is that you feel regret. That emotion is the hidden issue of your mind activated by whatever people, places, things, times and events of your life. That emotion, whatever it is, is the hidden generator of your life, the cavity to be filled not by poisonous amalgams of guilt, fear and sorrow but by the love of your acceptance of what is.

And it turns out that different amalgams or mixtures of fear, sorrow and guilt are the hidden emotions creating those cavities of your mind. They really cannot be healed by more of the same poisonous stuff! Each and everyone of us has a different mixture of those corrosive emotions, a unique poison of the mind, which we have mistakenly taken to be our own true self, the individual expression of life we should fight for.

Unfortunately by holding onto those corrosive emotions of hate, fear, guilt, sorrow or lack our mind places a great burden upon our body, and upon our world. These emotions, when pushed deep into the unconscious mind, are the ones that corrode our teeth, our organs and the whole of this earth. We have actually corroded the living skin, blood and breath of our dear Mother Earth by adhering to those corrosives emotions that you and me have hidden in our minds.

We are all knocking at the death’s door right now whether we are physically sick or whether we are brave enough to see that our Earth is physically sick. In both cases the illness is caused by the corrosive emotions of hate, fear, guilt etc. that you and me have mistakenly stored in our minds. We have pushed them away maybe thinking that we’ll deal with them later. The ”later” has come, we cannot let them moulder further in our minds causing havoc in both in our own body and in the bodies of our neighbors.

It’s time to be real, to face the facts of our being and to face the wonderful fact of our responsibility for our own life here on Earth. I am the creator of my reality and whatever I choose to carry around in my mind will eventually come to the fore or show itself by creating a world reflecting its hidden nature. What is honestly seen in your world, or in your body as a part of the world, is a true picture of the hidden worlds of your mind. This fact of seeing as such is a source of healing as only that which has been seen and acknowledged can ever be truly changed. Seeing is healing, ignorance is illness and death. It is up to you to choose, to see or not to see, to feel or not feel, to heal or not to heal! It’s all up to you!