September 3

I woke up this morning with full understanding of how and why our world looks like it looks today and what is my individual relationship to all of it. I saw the beauty of creation flowing down from the Source through ever widening pyramidal funnels of Creation. I also saw how a little group of fearful people is desperately trying to imitate this natural and divine form of creation for their own shortsighted benefit. They have created a pyramidal structure of power where they have replaced the unlimited Love of the Creator by the unlimited Greed of the Usurper.

Their intention is to hold on to the seat of power at the apex of the pyramid while making every individual in this world a slave under their power. I also knew how I am, just like you are, intricately connected to all that is going on in our fearful world. I also knew what I, and you, can do about it, how we can bring down the outer pyramid of power by ascending the inner pyramid of power hidden in the recesses of our own minds. We can change the world by confronting our own innermost fears and thus first changing ourselves.

We, you and I, can bring down the structures of fear ruling our dear world by conquering the very same structures lurking in the deep unconscious depths of our own minds. We are the masters of our own universes, we have just been tricked to giving away that power to those who in their fear of themselves want to rule upon their equals. The tyrants are always afraid of their own shadow, that is the reason they want to cast their fearful shadow upon others they consider lesser or unequal for some arbitrary reason.

Fear is the seed of all power we ever want to use upon our brothers and sisters, and it truly does not matter whether we cast those shadows of fear upon our children and partners or upon the populations of whole nations or of entire worlds. It is always the same action, the same hidden emotion of fear ruling our world irrespective of the scale in which we do it. We are all in the same boat of fear.

Everyone on this Earth has been trained and educated to compete with each other over the favors of those that sit upon us in the pyramids of power. Growing up through families, kindergartens, schools, universities, governments and companies we all learn how to bow to the guys above us to survive in this deadly game. We hope to be able to climb this treacherous ladder of power towards the top, which by the way is already crowded by those who once set up the structure.

Our world is just like all those moneymaking schemes where the one who creates the pyramidal structure is able to milk the crowds who later join in great hopes of making it really big one day. The fact is that only the rulers at the apex of these pyramids ever get rich, they actually get richer and more powerful by every day that goes by. Rest of the humanity, you and me, is left to compete over the crumbs falling down from the masters’ tables of abundance.

As long as the tyrant of fear lives in my mind I am a slave to this world ruled by fear. As long as I accept the inner rule of fear for myself I readily succumb to my world structured upon fear. When I have faced all the fears of my own mind the structures of fear around me crumble to dust as my divine power of creation doesn’t hold them up anymore. That’s just what is taking place all over the world in the minds of brave individuals who are facing the dragons and demons of their own mind. They have said ”No” to the alluring and threatening structures of fear, lust and drama around them and turned their attention inwards, towards the still uncharted secrets of their own mind. They are the hope of our world, the seed-people around which the new structures of love will one day be built to rule the world from the shared apex of love within every individual. That’s the New Earth many of us have been waiting for for so long.

The tyrants at the top of his pyramid of power have the right and natural instinct to be the masters of their own reality. Every dictator of our history yearned for this very same power, just like the hidden manipulators of our world do. They have all made just a little mistake and forgotten that every individual, independent of their sex, nationality or creed, has that very same unalienable right to rule over their own world. Thus all efforts to conquer the seemingly lower levels of the human pyramid to gain the absolute power over his/her world and reality are bound to fail. They are based on a lie and deception.

Nobody can ever ascend to the top of his true pyramid of power by usurping the rights of his equals. Nobody can ever win the ever increasing power grabbing going on in our world even though it has been so deeply ingrained as the natural state of things in the minds of all humanity. Nobody can ever win over us, they can just trick us to enslavement until the day we choose to face and free our own demons of fear. These tricksters, the rulers of our fearful reality, are hitting us hard balls of fear one after another to keep up the illusion of their rule. They are desperately fighting for their position of power as they know that if we wake up to what has been going on for ages their pyramid of power collapses and their rule over us is suddenly gone.

That is why we are herded and controlled by clever machinations of our fears; they are consciously kept alive by constructed threats, wars and catastrophes of all kinds. When our world is hit by a catastrophe (like 9/11) the rings of traumatic emotions are immediately spread around the world through media. These tones of disaster awaken all the traumas of destruction that we individuals have learned store in our unconsciousness. Our deepest fears are awakened and then used for further enslavement of our minds and our societies.

In the wake of every major disaster or terrorist attack we are always offered – by the very same leaders that allowed them to happen or even created them – some reactionary solutions that will only momentarily alleviate our fears, but never solve them. Our fears need to be kept alive for through them we are governed and herded. We are graciously given the right to buy into new wars, schemes, products, taxes and political ideologies. All of this leading to further consolidation of the power of the tyrants ruling upon us and upon our beautiful world.

This is how a regular book of marketing and advertising from Sweden describes how our minds are played with for the benefit of the governing elite:

”We also need to move the emotions of people. Fright seems to be the strongest emotion, it actually governs the most of what we think and do. But different people are afraid of different things. Everybody has their own fright which they don’t always know of or don’t want to confess to themselves and definitely not to the outside world. It’s all about finding the fear that is hidden deepest down in a person’s consciousness, and picking it up to the light of the day so that she can’t deny it anymore. That is how you force people to listen. That is how you get to govern them. But when you have awakened their fright you need to go further – and offer them hope. ‘You don’t need to be afraid, because if ‘… Now you offer a doctrine of deliverance that people can join in, a political program to vote for in the next election, or a product they can buy in the nearest shop.”

This blatant misuse of power is the tyrants’ mistake, which will eventually lead to their own downfall. In his own fear he refuses to acknowledge the divine birthright of every individual to rule and create his/her own world and reality. The tyrant fights desperately for his position at the top of the pyramid, because the moment he acknowledges the truth of his fearful power the whole illusory structure will crumple. It is even more difficult for the tyrant than it is for you and me to face our own shadows of lies. When you have enjoyed the worldly benefits at the top of the pyramid you are surely reluctant to see the truth of the game.

The outer pyramid of power is merely on illusory manifestation and a replica for something that should take place within the mind of the tyrant himself, or within all human beings. The true power of a human being lies in conquering himself, in facing the fears of his own mind. That is what we all have been encouraged to do by the wisest of all ages. And that is what those wielding power upon us through fear have been trying to keep us away from, all true inquiry into what we truly are has been discouraged, belittled or discarded: we have been kept in fear, in fear of ourselves, by keeping us disconnected from the true divine nature of our beings. Nobody dares to look deep into themselves if they are told that there is just an ugly mess of past traumas and miseries to be found, nobody wants to look within if there is nothing there to be found, nothing but a hidden disaster.

What if the hidden disasters and traumas are the very reason that the miserable state of our world is perpetuated and accentuated? What if all that we have denied and covered up deep into our unconsciousness is the very stuff that keeps us and our word in a stalemate of conflict? What if that which we are even unconsciously afraid repeatedly creates itself on the stage of our world? What if the similar traumatic experiences recur in our lives because those emotional structures yearn to be revealed and released from the depths of our unconsciousness?

Most importantly what if there is something wondrously beautiful, something truly magnificent hidden under the deep dark layers of trauma that we all are accustomed to carry around as the blueprint of our lives? Isn’t that what all the stories of old tell, those that we so lovingly tell to our dear children? The stories where the good ones always win after finding their way through the threatening jungles of fear, the stories that we have almost discarded as ”childish” in the face of the supposedly technical and rational reality of our world.

I have always known that children’s stories are the only true stories, because only the stories where the characters evolve and grow stronger in their intuitive goodness are worth while telling. I have instinctively shun away from all the modern literature which tends to be just classy descriptions of glorified misery of the human status quo. No revelations, no conquering of the innate fears, just the fabulous literature of drab survival. That’s not what life is all about. Ask any child still not totally disturbed by the world around them!

I have also experienced powerful glimpses of something vast and wonderful right beyond the traumatic fears and reactions that I have carried within my mind. Every time I have dared to stop and face my inner demons, whatever their nature, they have always given way to a blissful peace just around the corner of their seemingly impenetrable darkness. There is light beyond every bit of darkness we can think of and there is love behind all light that ever enlightens our world.

I have seen a wonderful vision of our true origins from before time and matter ever burst into existence through that which science calls the Big Bang. We all emanate from the same point of Love or Origin. We were all born at the moment when our Father/Mother, God,The Unlimited Potential, the Sea of Creation, the Quantum Soup or whatever first contemplated upon itself.The first question was ”Who Am I?” and as the firstborn children of Love or God we are the ever ongoing answer to this primal question. We are God’s answer to its own question! And we are still asking the same question for that has always been the key to further evolvement of our being. Who am I?

In my vision all of us arose from the same Point of Origin as spirals of creation to all the possible directions of space. My teacher Ramtha calls this our shared point of origin the Point Zero and has described how everyone has descended an energetic pyramid of creation to our present level of material creation. The Origin, the God, The Source is the highest, fastest and most powerful vibration in this vibratory Universe, where everything is vibrating, forever moving in the spirals of creation. The Original vibration was gradually stepped down to create worlds within worlds of ever more slow or solid realities. That’s what also the stepped pyramids of South America and Far East tell us about!

Finally the creation reached these levels of material existence where we now live and experience our own creation through a vehicle called the body. Science has discovered that all matter is energy, it is made of vibrating particles that never stop moving even though they do create a semblance of stability, of solid matter. We have learned that none of the matter is thoroughly solid, all of it can be broken into energetic particles that have never stopped moving and recreating themselves. Every particle, the stuff out of which matter is made of, has a double nature: they are at the same time both a particle in a definable place and a wave spread out through the infinity of the space. So every thing is here and there and everywhere!

If all the stuff that our world is made of is thus interdimensional, or spread out everywhere,  how is it with ourselves? What is our true nature? Could we be less than the matter out of which our bodies are composed of? Could I be just this one lonely being momentarily enclosed in a temporal and rapidly declining body? Could I be just a speck in time without the vastness of the forever wave carrying even the minutest particles of matter? We are back to the original question: Who am I?

There is nothing in this vibratory universe that does not vibrate, there is nothing beyond or under the relative stability of matter for everything that exists needs to keep on moving, vibrating and reforming. In our humanly desperate search for stability within this ever changing universe we have tried to nail down our personality, to mold our mind and being to something that never changes, never deviates from the course once taken. If we somehow with hard work ever succeed we only end up getting our coffin lid nailed down and our body buried deep under an unchanging slab of stone. That is the only place we finally get to have a stable identity or a secure definition of self, well almost anyhow!

There is nothing much else to experience in this time-bound material level of existence that we seem to be stuck in. That is why most of us so utterly bored with all that we have got, all our human endeavors turn out to be just ashes in the wind. None of the things that we have got, or can get, give us the kicks they used to do. We are bored stiff, most of us are. This world has grown threadbare, we are getting glimpses through it of something else right beyond it. We are ready for a new question: What else am I than this temporal body soon to be eaten by hungry worms? Who am I beyond time and matter, beyond the borders of our world? What is the God-wave giving rise to the God-particle that I am?  What is my true origin beyond the confines of my material form? Who am I really?

The answer is blatantly simple: I am God! I am you are me! The only tricky thing about it is that for our complicated minds it is difficult to accept it and for our human being it is a great challenge to live it. To just do it!

We are all of the same stuff, of the God stuff beyond this slow world of time and matter. We are all from the beyond, and our conscious return to where we once started is the next step of natural evolution. That is our return to the Source carrying the loving wisdom of our journeys into the tight and limited worlds of matter.

The creation never stops, there are always new worlds and realities to conquer for those who have faced and released the shackles of their past. There is always new love and inspiration for those who are not afraid to look face to face into ferocious eyes of the dragons of their own hidden fears. There is always a new life for those who have conquered their own past and are now ready for their still unknown futures! For those that are like you and me, Gods ready to wake up in human form!