September 30

The root of our ignorance lies in the first act of creation, in the first ever movement of that mysterious being called God, or whatever. You know, that which has no beginning or end. The One.

For in a sacred moment of creation the One asked the very first question: Who am I? The deep focused contemplation of that question eventually focused the energies of the One upon itself, upon a point of being within the vastness of what is. A focus-point of creation was created, the One had started an inquiry into its own ignorance of what it could be.

That first spark of Life gave life to you and me, we are all sons and daughters of the One created at that first movement of our great parent. We are the children of God sent out into the Oneness of God to resolve the first ever, and also the only, question ever asked by God itself: Who am I?

The innocent ignorance of the first question gradually degenerated into serious ignorance of denial, into ignorance of our divine origins. We chose to ignore the very God that had given us life for the innocent exploration of what God could be. Thus we created this world of ignorance and denial that is about to implode in its own impossibility. The illusion of separation from God’s eternal love for its children can only be maintained for a moment in time. Whether that moment is two seconds, two hundred years or two millennia has no importance in the grand scale of evolution. All lies eventually come to an end as their existence is wholly dependent on the truth of what is, of what has always been.

God’s love for itself initiated the first innocent question of ”who I am?” The re-enactment of the same innocent question within the folds of ignorance, of matter and time, will bring us back to the conscious communion with our true Source, God or Oneness within which all our games of ignorance have always been played.

By starting to judge the innocent ignorance of our own children, the curiosity of the Creator itself, we gradually lost our innocence and were left with only our ignorance. That is why we have created this empire of ignorance, this destructively cancerous civilization upon the loving face and body of our Mother Earth. That is why we have doomed ourselves to death; death being an illustration of our yearning to get rid of this bloody ignorance. Our dear Mother Earth, which has lovingly given us this body to explore the magnificence of Life, needs to freed from our ignorance, from this cultural play of glorified death enacted in the eternal embrace of God’s Love for all that it is.

We all know that death is needed, a renewal is utterly necessary, but in our ignorance we have been trying to kill ourselves, our neighbors and our dear Mother Earth. We are trying to kill something that is alive, still changing and evolving. We do that to glorify our stagnant ignorance, our utter unwillingness to flow and change together with Oneness of all Life.

The only thing that truly needs to die is our ignorance, our ignorance of our own roots in God, in all Life, and the seeds thereof. All the fruits of fear, guilt, pain and sorrow of our world have grown from the same seed of ignorance. They are all rooted in our ignorance of who we are, and who we have always been: Children of God innocently exploring the vastness what can be, innocently giving new answers to the first question: Who am I? When you respect and love every child innocently asking this eternal question you respect the God that is doing the same in you. That is your only hope, your imminent salvation waiting for you to choose it over the spoils of your personal ignorance. It’s all up to you!