October 7

The spirit of the Village of Light is clear and simple, the inhabitants acknowledge their own power and worth. They know that Life is in their hands, the world dependent upon their mind. The inhabitants are a varied lot of all sizes, all abilities and all ages. They are all equal and sovereign rulers of their of own life, ready to share joyfully this common game of life and ready to be challenged to realize all that  eventually can be accomplished, and more. They all know that life is an adventure, that they themselves are the main star of their own life, the centerpoint of their own reality. They are ready for all playful joys, ready to examine together the peace that only arises from their own heart. Love is their greatest law, joy the ruler of their life and a big wide grin the best way to recognize them.

The village is in the middle of nature, where life can flow as freely and clearly as possible and thus fill the entire sphere of earth, air and water with its eternal vibration. The buildings of the village arise from the earth reaching out towards the peace of the heavens. They are simple and clear; made of wood, stone, glass and iron – natural elements in the houses of these benevolently sovereign beings. The houses are heated with wood and sun, they create their own electricity, and are autonomous like their inhabitants. There are all kinds of green fields and orchards around the village; the inhabitants grow most of their own food and drink, they cultivate their own vegetables, their milk and meat. The village is a part of the whole world. There are no borders, no fences, the village extends to the far reaches of the world.

The inhabitants of the village are free and independent, they have no debts nor loans, nothing to stop them from following their own joy ever towards new adventures of life. They are alone and together ready to reach towards and beyond the borders of their human world. They are in their own innate power conscious of their present limitations and always ready to help each other to conquer their past and thus move towards the opening and blooming that belongs to every human being. They know that everybody and everything is a part of the whole, they know that all life flows from the same eternal source, and they know their own place in this wholeness of life. They realize their responsibility as  conscious formers and creators of this miracle called life.

The inhabitants recognize the divinity within themselves and within all and everything, they acknowledge the creator in their own deeds as well as in the deeds of their neighbors. They meet and resonate with the holy divinity of all life both within and without themselves. The villagers are alive, carried by Life itself – carrying it. They are enlightened by joy and governed by love, they are all in all, the earthly reflection of the immensity of Love and the wonderful vibration of Joy, the are the Light of Life itself.