October 28

My new book “A Little Book of God” is now ready for delivery. It is a great little book with full of pointers towards the living mystery of God within you. It can be a grand tool of remembrance for you.

Writing and working with this Little Book of God brought me back to contact with God within. It reminded me of what I have always been, God clothed in a human form for the joys of creation and for the fun of making known the unknown, whether the unknown is in the unconscious patterns of my own past or in the yet unknown possibilities of my future.

This book is my prayer to the God that I am, to the same God that you are. It is my acknowledgement of our common ground, of our source in all and everything. It is my conscious re-connection with God, my re-membrance of what I have always been, and shall ever be. It is my true reality re-created.

My Little Book of God might do the job for you as well, especially if you are really fed up being the fake you and yearn to re-connect with your truth in God, in our shared divinity of living wisdom. We are All One in God’s mind.

God, remind me
Make my mind anew
make my mind shine
the light that you are
in me

God, remake me
Make my body anew
make my body shine
the light that you are
in me

God, realize me
Make my being anew
make my being shine
the light that you are
in me


PS. If you are interested in acquiring “A Little Book Of God” you can send me mail through the “contact the author” page on the right. I can send the little book to you with an invoice in Finland and Scandinavia. You can also purchase it through PayPal by pushing the button below. The price is 15 euros plus 6 euros for postage and packing.