April 15

We’ve all got a past, even a baby sleeping in her cot has got hers. Our past hangs around us, it envelops us in its mists of past deeds, past emotions and traumas. The past is the lens through which we observe our world and reality, it is the veil that magically binds us to  that which has been. Our past is our challenge, our previous death to be overcome.

The set of emotions that brought us to death the last time around is the very same set of emotions, which has created my present life-circumstances. My present set of genes and the body thereof exists solely in order to make that past visible, concrete and therefore solvable. That is why the baby’s past is visible in the forms of her body and in the atmosphere of her family, it is visible in the landscape of her childhood, in the circumstances that arise from the mind-set that has chosen to be born in a particular body. Our past is present everywhere we ever look, it is ingrained in the prison-walls of our humanity.

It is even said that this particular planet of ours has been like a quarantine area for souls that are particularly strongly bound to their fearful past. We have chosen to live out all our fears of life of this wonderful planet. We have worked hard to keep our flock together, to keep all and sundry thinking all those thoughts of fear. This is where we have all died time after time, and carried our mostly unconscious fears over to the next life also governed by the same old stuff. We have been hugely successful in making the death and destruction of our bodies and our world a concrete reality of our daily world.

All through this harsh endeavor there has also been the proverbial baby sleeping innocently within our self-chosen ignorance. We have all been like Sleeping Beauties waiting for the kiss of a truthful Prince or Princess to wake us from the oblivion of our past fears. Our human reality teaches us this immense yearning for that Prince or Princess to come and save us from ourselves. That will never happen, for in truth there is nobody outside of our divine being that can ever free us from our own past. We, each every one of us, need to become conscious of our past constantly lurking in our own shadows. We need to learn to see it, to love it and to leave it. We need to free ourselves from that which has been so that we can become conscious of what is. We need to choose between the Past that leads to Death and the Now in which all Life takes place. We need to choose between Fear and Love, and we need to do it right Now as Life itself has no other time to be.

The true Kiss of Truth can only be given by somebody who has already realized that there was never a thing, a being or a circumstance to be afraid of. The Kiss of Truth has no ties attached, no undertones of fear, no feelings of being the saved or the savior. The Kiss of Truth is free, it is like a gentle summer-wind that caresses all and everybody with the same loving touch or like the fierce storm in dead of the winter that awakens all our fears and smashes them to smithereens, if we allow it to do its job.

The Kiss of Truth is the whole of your life, it is all the aspects of it combined; the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Whatever you ever encounter is a Kiss of Truth, the truth of your mighty powers of creation made know in your own human reality. See the loving Kiss of Truth in everything you ever see, hear it in every word or song you ever hear and feel it in whatever can be felt. Then you yourself become that Kiss of Truth, you become the giver of all life, the lover of all beings, the very being you have so fervently sought from all other places and persons except from within your own cherished being. That is where the Prince/Princess, the Innocence of God has always waited for you to allow it to heal your soul, your body and your world. It’s all there right within you, where it has always been, for it is the very life itself, the giver all that is. God itself is innocently waiting for you to acknowledge its presence in you. God, the Kiss of Truth, in you.

God’s love obviously has no ties attached, for it has allowed us to create this fearful mess on this beautiful Earth. Whatever we have ever done or experienced has taken place in God. Whatever happens in our world right now happens in God. God is. It is time for us to start creating from that same lofty perspective of loving freedom. We have already realized all our fears. How about realizing all our Love for a change? How about giving yourself a Kiss of Truth, finally acknowledging the God in you?