June 26

Your personality is glued together with your fears, with those rigid modes of behavior that define your field of action. Your fears give you a map of your world, the realities that you allow for yourself, and for your neighbors. Your fears of death, failure, poverty, ugliness, sickness or nothingness give your life a focus, a reason and a purpose; you just try to get as far away as possible from everything you are afraid of!

How successful have you been in avoiding your fears? Have you been able to stave off them, to keep them away from your everyday life? – You haven’t? Neither have I nor anybody else on this planet full of fearful beings! So what’s the point of avoiding them? What’s the point of trying to evade them, to ignore their power upon our life and reality?

We are taught to ignore our fears, to keep them at arms length so that they wouldn’t spoil the fun we are so desperately trying to have with our life. Nobody wants to talk about them. Nobody wants to acknowledge that they are full of ugly fears that from the depths of the unconscious govern most of our decisions. Nobody wants to face their fears, not the fears of their own nor the fears of their world. We just try to ignore them, to avoid to be smitten by them.

By keeping them bottled up in the recesses of our mind we keep them securely at the helm of our life. That which is stored in the unconscious mind is the mainstay of our daily life; that is the reality which without our conscious thought keeps our body alive and our fluids flowing. The unconscious is the boss and all that is stored in it truly runs our life. Whether we call that stuff good or bad has no meaning whatsoever. Only the fact that something is stored in the unconscious gives it the right to run our world and to create our reality.

If the avoidance of our fears has been the theme of our life, how can I ever stop avoiding them? How can I face the ugly music of fears that has run my life for so long? How can I ever be anything WITHOUT my fears, those limiting thoughts that constantly define myself and my reality: my nation, my sex, my job, my religion, my fearful whatever making me a separate individual against all the other choices that can be made in this reality? Who am I if I am not afraid, not governed by my unconscious urgings and denials?

You surely know about the ”The Law of Attraction”, of how our thoughts and emotions act as beacons of attraction. Everything we have in mind becomes a reality, also our fears and  our denials of their existence. We try to attract the Good things and push away the Bad things to get what we want. The deeper into the unconscious we push the Bad or unwanted things of life the sooner they become a reality of our world! The unconscious is the engine of creation, the source that gives us whatever we ever place in there!

As this source has got smitten by our unacknowledged fears, which have thus run amok in our world, we now need to clean our act by facing all the ugly stuff that has been mouldering in our mind for far too long. We have to face the mess to be able to clean it! The same applies to equally to your house as it applies to your mind! You need to see what you have got before you can ever do anything about it!

Even though we often tend to ignore the mess of our house and home there always comes a day when we have just got enough of it and we choose face it and do something about it. The only way is to deal with the mess item by item until after a longer or shorter while your house has once again gained its natural order. And you a simple peace of mind!

It’s the same peace and harmony, which is regained every time you face the mess of your mind and do something about it. When you face your fears WITHOUT fear, without getting carried away by them. Just looking at them item by item and placing them where they belong.

You see, your fears do not need to be carried in your mind! They are not yours at all! Not even though all and everybody around you lives for their fears and wants you to do it as well. They are only after the security of the shared fears, of crowds that give you a moments peace of mind when you accept their fears as your own. Crowds that can be so easily manipulated as one mind, as one fearful entity.

Most of us have been afraid of the dark when we have been kids. What happened to you when you realized that it was unnecessary? What happened when you faced the fear, and let it go? Did you disappear? Did you die with your fear? – Of course not! You just felt lighter or more open to your world. You had more options, a wider horizon to live in.

What if all fears are the same? Just illusions of fearful things, which disappear the moment we dare to look at them, to see their true reality. What if there are NO FEARS worth living for, worth hanging our dear life from? What if fears do not need to run our life?

Is that not the innate dream we all carry? The dream of living fearlessly, of daring to express life fully and wonderfully, without limits. By hanging onto our unconscious or unacknowledged fears we just keep on expressing them. We repeat the miseries of our past by ignoring their traumatic presence in our minds, the unconscious fears that we have mistakenly identified ourselves with. ”I fear, therefore I am” has become the actual motto of our world.

Do you dare to challenge your fears, those limits of you being, and ask: ”Who am I WITHOUT my fears? Who am I when I do NOT engage with any of the fears stored in my mind? Who am I when I choose to let them go whenever they arise from the depths of my being? Who am I really?

Just stay with the question and let all the limiting definitions of your past fears fly by. Let them come up, be seen and acknowledged for what they are, and give them the freedom THEY have been fighting for for ever so long. For every fear is a part of your own life-energy entrapped in capsule of past experience. It is you yourself jailed in something that is long gone. And as long you protect your fears you are both the jailer and the jailed fearfully kept in the dark prison of your own mind.

You can disassemble the prison of your fears by tearing it brick by brick, which takes a long time, or by seeing the fact that you as the creator of the whole have never been imprisoned at all. You have just created for yourself the experience of being limited by your fears. You have just taken part in a shared play-act of illusory fears!

It’s time to stop giving our creative powers to fears and to the structures thereof. It’s time to see and experience what else we the creators can create, what else comes up when all our fears have run their due course and been liberated. Not liberated in the sense of letting them run amok, but in the sense of releasing the life-energy tied into them from the prison of our unconscious mind.

What we can create without fear can only be seen and experienced when there are no fears anymore to be feared and protected, when they have all been acknowledged and accepted as our own, as limiting creations of our own unlimited mind. When all fears are finally loved as our own creations, a new world of wonder opens within and without us. Our innate dream of limitless creation is finally realized also in this material world. The world without fears, the reality of which we have just covered with fearful limits for a little while in eternity. The world of wonder within which we the unlimited ones have chosen to experience the limits of our fears.

It is finished! My fears have served their purpose; they have brought me here! It’s time to let them go! It’s time to wake up to my true nature beyond every fear I have ever chosen to experience! It’s time to be free, just as I have always been!