July 5

Revolutions have come and gone all through human history. Peoples yearning for change have been used by clever groups of people, who have wanted to oust the current leader and to gain their power upon the people in question. The leaders have changed but the people have always remained under the thumb of those that are not squeamish to use any kind of tricks to keep themselves in power, in a position where they are able to usurp the resources of the people and the nation for their own selfish good.

True revolutions hardly exist in our manipulated reality. This applies to the American and French revolutions of the 1700s and to the Russian, Chinese and Sovjet revolutions of the 1900s and also to the milder forms of revolutions, where the power is seemingly changed from a party to another through legal elections. Most often the power remains steadily in the hands of those who create and direct the political games from behind the scenes. Only the figures on the stage are changed, not those who carefully plan their moves and dialogues. The game is rigged favoring the bankers just as it favors them in every casino of the world. Those that have created the game have won every time, until now.

I visited Egypt last December. The land was in turmoil, there were many who were not happy with president Morsi’s politics of giving more and more power to the hidden hand of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2011 they had just ousted their long time dictator Mubarak through the natural pressures of the people gotten fed up with the rule that was usurping them. They had dared to rise up and say ”No” to something that they had learned to be afraid of. They had been brave and they had been united. The Egyptians had reason to be proud of themselves. Even the feared for army had finally taken their side and refused to use violence against their own.

Morsi was chosen in a legal election a year ago because of his supporters were more organized than the other groups behind the revolution. He gave hopes of uniting the people and governing the land for the good of everybody. He failed to fulfill his promises, he turned out to be a president of the Muslim Brotherhood, not of the people of Egypt, who had gained their independence by ousting their long-time dictator Mubarak.

These past days have been exiting and exhilarating. The Egyptian people united themselves to show that they felt that Morsi did not represent their will and their hopes. When the tide of people demanding the ousting of Morsi grew strong enough the army chose to support the people again. A second round of the Egyptian revolution has started.

The most exciting feature of the Egyptian revolution is that there does not seem to be any powerful outside influences behind its evolvement. No single country or group of countries has send their money, arms or clandestine mercenaries to Egypt to create this movement as was the case for example in Libya and in Syria. It’s a pure movement for the freedom of a people from the corrupted rule of leaders unable to fulfill their role as the protector and benefactor of a people. A true leader is a servant of his/her people; that is what the Egyptians are demanding for themselves. And that is what we all in whatever country we live should demand for ourselves; leaders that truly serve the interests of their own people.

The example of Egyptians is both a danger and a hope for the whole world and its peoples. For those leaders who are used to usurp their own people under different guises dictatorship or democracy feel the danger as their power can be taken away by a people showing its will in the manner the Egyptians have now done. They have ousted first a dictator and then a democratically elected president. How many democratically elected presidents and other leaders are there in this world who do not serve the best interests of their people and their nation? How many presidents are there who are afraid of meeting the fate of Morsi?

The Egyptians have a culture going far back into the mists of our common history. Their history is in a sense the history of all of us, a reminder of the all-powerful Oneness as the basis of all creation. That is what the pyramids and temples of the ancient Egypt ultimately reflect, they reflect the spirit of an unknown culture with magnificent powers of creation that seeded the human civilization in the exact center of the landmasses of the Earth.

It now seems that the same spirit of the Oneness of all the people is gaining a foothold in the land of Egypt; the Egyptians are showing the whole world a way for a new future where the wellbeing of all the citizens, instead of the ruling elite, is the main focus of leader chosen to SERVE his/her people. Egypt is a forerunner and its people the seed-people of a new world finally being created. A world for the Good/God within each and every one of us. A government for the One and Only Life that seeks to express itself freely through all people and through all nations.

The Egyptian people are showing us the way, they have given us a hope of a truly new world, a world which the old elitist groups of financial and political powers are replaced by people who are chosen by the people to serve the Good/God of the people. God bless the people of Egypt and the peoples of the world! Good/God be with us!