November 6

Some days ago I was traveling towards the annual Helsinki Book Fair to sign my new book ”Alussa on ajatus”, which had come from the printers just a day before the fair. I had taken the night ferry from home, the Åland islands, and was due to arrive in Helsinki about 10 in the morning.

I had slept well in my little cabin and woken up early for a new day. I went out on the deck and enjoyed the peaceful voyage of the ferry through the calm waters of the Baltic. This late October morning was grey, but warm. Some streaks of the reddish sun came gradually up on the horizon never to open up to full sunshine. The wind on the deck was unusually calm, maybe because this very night we had changed from the Summer time to Winter time, which gave the ferry one extra hour to cruise towards its destination. The wind was also fair.

After awhile on the deck I went to the restaurant to enjoy a breakfast with all the delicacies the chefs had dared to think of. I was pleased with my day, with my being. After breakfast I  I climbed up to the deck again and walked to the stern of the ship. There I stood by the flagpole for a long time observing my fellow passengers and the signs of the rapidly approaching coast.

The sun had broken out by now. The sky was the deepest blue and the sea glimmered in the freshness of the autumn morn. I just stood there, taking in all and everything, allowing life to take place within and without myself. The play of the sun on the tiny waves was fascinating; when I focused my sight to the light its naturally pulsating rhythms took over and the sea itself receded to the background. I was part of the sun playing its games on the sea.

Suddenly deep in the stillness of my mind I heard two sentences: ”Mission accomplished. Take your crew back home.” The words came exactly like I wrote them, and they were in English, when my mother tongue is Finnish and my daily language is Swedish. What did these words mean?

This was a Sunday morning and on the previous Friday I had married Juliane, the love of my life. We both belonged to Life and were willing to let its Love to flow through us to all and sundry. Creation was joyfully bubbling in and around us. We were both One with Life. After four marriages, five children and over 50 years I had finally become ready for the fulfillment of my dream, of sharing the Oneness of Life in fullness of Love.

And on this Sunday I was to present my 11th book in the biggest book fair of Finland. For the first time ever I had a reputable publisher behind me. I had self-published all my previous books in Finnish, Swedish and English. The co-operation with Basam Books had been fruitful and brought about a book, which beautifully summed up all that I could express about human life. The pure essence of life had chosen to present itself in book-form. ”Alussa on ajatus” is a veritable Gift of Life.

When the ferry passed the old sea-fortress outside the harbor I saw two gliders hanging in the air just above the coastline. The wind blowing from the sea gave them a wonderful lift. They stayed put in the air like hovering seagulls. These two gliders were free. The sunny morning by the coast turned into a gray and cloudy day when the ferry anchored in Helsinki harbor. I remained in my peace, my mission was accomplished.