November 7

This unique poem is written by my late wife who never wrote another poem in English. She died some 20 months ago after a long fight against cancer. Her vision of divine companionship is finally being realized. Thank you, Lena, for your inspiring words!

Eternity calls to me
as a long forgotten friend
So far so near

Would you travel with me
to the known unknown
to the unknown known

I am a princess of light

I watch the moonlight, silvery
I watch the sunlight, golden
I see the light of love
mellow, deep in nameless color

So holy
So deep
So profound

I need to harbor it in me

How can I
How can it be possible

I’m fragile  I’m tangible  I’m trustless
I’m full of doubt

Yet, yet
oh, happiness
My journey is joyful

Beside my road there are trees of sorrow
and lakes of insecurity

But my deepest
my innermost
is the light
and I’m the princess of light

How could there be anything to fear!

Midst my grief
my great sorrow

a sudden vision

golden rose sky
utterly beautiful

two white, shining seagulls

peacefully diving – slow


connected    –    friends        –    love

flying in golden rose
together in solitude
not touching each other


one of them is falling

the other
with light tenderness
soft touch
by the beak


then both floating

My face opens to let in a smile

I’m happy
I’m connected
I watch the beautiful
I feel serenity