December 3

part4_photo7Alussa on ajatus – kaikkeus sinussa itsessäsi  is my 11th book and the first one published by a publisher, Basam Books in Finland. The co-operation with them resulted in a polished pearl of a book containing the essence of what can be said of our life and our personal relation to it. The book is a revelation, a vision of a new world to come, a world built upon the mysterious beauty, love and wisdom carrying us all.

The universe, Life or God exists in all of us, we can never escape it or get outside of it. We have just had a bad habit of ignoring it and trying to cope and survive entangled in a world wide web of our individual and shared fears. It is time to shed those fears and step right back into the Core of God within each and everyone of us. This book shows you the way within!