January 9

imagesJust the other day I watched an interview with a former Defence Minister of Canada. After reading the official reports on UFOs and doing some individual research Paul Hellyer was utterly convinced that aliens exist, that they even have a presence here on Earth. He also said that the many different alien races are mostly benevolent, but rather unwilling to co-operate with us as long as we as a race behave so destructively and violently as we do. The aliens exist, but due to our blindness or fear for the unknown they mostly remain hidden for our eyes.

Think of the vastness of the Universe, of all that we can see and all that we are unable to see in the skies above us. Think of the vastness of unknown darkness between every speck of starlight that we can see. And think of the vastness of unknown emptiness within every single atom that your body is built of. Think of nothing that creates and maintains all that we can ever experience. Think of not a thing, but of that which is the source of all things, think of the unknown.

What if our fears, of whatever kind, act as filters between us and the world around us? What if we have only seen that which we have been afraid of, that which has limited us? What if all that we stubbornly know about ourselves and our world are just illusions of limitation that the unlimited creator within us has chosen to experiment with? What if the Source, Creator, God within us is the Alien we limited beings are most afraid of? What if the key to communicating with the aliens around us lies in the acceptance of the benevolent Alien within us?

Paul Hellyer explained how some humans had after initial fears developed mutually beneficial communication with some aliens. The physical forms and the mind-sets had been different, but still they had eventually found a common ground of understanding. The feared for stranger had become a friend.

Is this not the same process we daily engage with each other? We are initially afraid of all the unknown aliens around us and thus we project our fears as a protective shield of energy around us. At the same time we are secretly hoping that somebody ”special” would be able to get past our protective mine-field of fears. We are all hoping to fall in love, to finally meet fully with an alien beside us. And the fact is that we only experience love during the rare moments when two individuals, of whatever race or form, have surrendered to the unknown communication of Love instead of holding up the protective shields of known fears and traumas. Love is only experienced when two aliens meet each other fully and openly in this ever present heartbeat of Love, Right Now!

So if we ever want to communicate with those unknown aliens of the space we first need to find of way communicating lovingly with those human aliens around and within us. We need to get to know ourselves, the truly alien nature of our inner Love, which we have all experienced during those rare moments when our guard has been down and inactive.

We only love when there is no fear. And we can only truly meet and communicate with an other alien, whether beside us or in the far reaches of the space, when we are in Love, in the presence of Oneness that unites all life-forms wherever they be. Be the loving alien you are and meet all  the other aliens as aspects of your own eternal being. Meet the alien within yourself and be the One you have always been, the loving Source of all Life in all of its forms! Be the One, the alien you were so afraid of!