March 7

imagesI’ve been dying all my life, my whole life is a long process of dying. And so is yours! Dying is what we do, dying is what we are trained and geared for, we are dying to die. Our whole life, the entire human society is circling around the hidden magnet of death just like our galaxy is circling around a huge black hole. Death is the common goal hidden right in the middle of the galaxy of our human world.

Surely most of us deny all of this offhand: ”It can’t be true! I am not interested in death, I want to live! I never think of death, I want to keep it away from my life!” – These are your words, they are my words, we are all keen on keeping death in denial, buried deep into our unconscious mind. And from there it has the power position created by our very fear for it to run our life just the way it wants. Our shared fear for death has been mightily powerful in creating the reality of our human world. We have created a veritable culture of death, where our denied fear of death lies behind most decisions we ever make.

And still Death as such is just a gentle servant of all life, actually it just Life itself maintaining its natural and vital renewal. All that does not serve Life anymore needs to die, that’s the true service of Death. We have just seen it the other way round; we see Death as a threat to our ideals, ideologies and identities, to those tools of creation that’ll all eventually have served their purpose. When they become stagnant and old, they loose their vitality necessary for change and renewal, and they become ripe for Death’s innocent harvest.

We are afraid of Death because it threatens the illusory identities we have chosen for ourselves for the purpose of experimenting with this human life on Earth. We fear Death because it clearly shows that all that which we have lived for is illusory, fragile and in need of renewal. We are afraid of the truth of what we are, of what we have lived and fought for. All of our life is ready for Death, all of our human world is ready for the renewal of Death, that’s what we are all striving for, seeking in most of what we ever do. Death and destruction is the ultimate goal of our culture, that’s what we mostly work for. Death is the end-product of our life and of our culture, we all die and we all help each other to die while killing and destroying all kinds of life around and within us. Our world, this beautiful Earth, is dying because of us, because of our fear of Death and renewal.

Death is a friend, a misunderstood master of renewal, who has has been given the role of the most feared for entity of our world. We are afraid of renewal as we will remain the same, just as we want our loved ones to ”remain the same”. We are striving towards the mechanical sameness of robots, we are doing our utmost to become human robots who never change. We are striving to become living dead, like programmed zombies that cannot live nor die. We are trying to do something that cannot be done, because we are Life itself ever searching for new forms of creation. Creation that we are can never stop, we cannot kill that which we are. We are forever Life itself vainly trying to die.

We have misunderstood Death wholly! What Death truly wants is not more carnage, not more dead bodies on the battle-fields of Life, but rather the death of those thoughts that have time after time lead us to kill ourselves and each other. The thoughts that pain our dear Mother Earth and threaten the very existence of physical Life on this planet. Their death is long overdue!

I once had a discussion with Death itself. I had pushed my life towards the Gate of Death, where he awaited me eagerly ready to be of service. I was knocking on Death’s door! Knock! Knock! Luckily I stopped by his gate and listened to what he had to tell: It might be of interest for you as well…

“Is there somebody there, who has driven himself into a cul-de-sac, to a space where life has lost all  of its worth and I am needed? Is there somebody there, who has come to the limits of his own world but is unable to face it as he is covered by the denied reality of his own unconsciousness? Is there somebody here, who has lost his belief in growth, in his ability to overcome the borders of his own life? Is there somebody here, who yearns for death, who wants to hear what I have to say”?

“I am always ready, my services are always needed. Traditionally I have come when a man has come to the end of his life. I have freed the spirit from the shackles of the body, released the soul from the burden of matter and given the man his peace. For this friendly service of mine I am greatly feared. I wonder why? Isn’t it this peace and freedom that all the people dream of?”

“Lately when people have begun to understand me better I have been able add a new product on my list. I have started to suggest to all of those that knock on my door the new ‘light-version of death’. You know, I have developed this product to be trendy and up-to-date. ‘Light’ is the word of the day.

‘The light-death’ means that you don’t necessarily need to go through the physical convolutions of death and leave your body to the worms. For as some of you already know you are only soon to return as a baby with the same basic mindset and attitude you died with. And it takes a long, long time before your new body is fully activated and able to face the challenges that you carry in your soul.  So nowadays you don’t need to circulate your body through the grave. That is possible if you dare to circulate your thoughts and attitudes, those stagnant mental forms that led you to knock on the death’s door in the first place.”

“Those that are ready to accept my new product are not very many. Most of the people are so enchanted by their fearful thoughts and the physical death they irreversibly lead to, that they totally ignore my offer. They believe that it is honorable to die for the thoughts once thought and accepted. They believe that the immortality and the sought for goodness lies in the stagnant holding on to thoughts that once long ago were found valid and acceptable. They have not realized yet, that whatever thought, idea or ideology – conscious or unconscious – that is not allowed to change and develop in accordance with the ever-renewing dance of life inevitably leads to my door.”

“All the people that knock on my door are prisoners of their own thoughts, they call me to relieve them from their own burdens. I am a dutiful servant; I have always served well, given people the freedom from their own unknown thoughts.  They are the ones that are so cruelly reflected in the sick worlds and bodies that they keep on creating for themselves.”

“Most people choose to hang on to their particular thought and let their body go to worms. They give up the living body that has dutifully made known the unknown thoughts that they carry in their mind and hang onto the dead thoughts that have led them to my gate. After a brief period of heavenly peace, freedom and pondering upon the past lifetime those same unresolved thoughts lead them back to my gate, to the other side of the same gate that is called birth.”

“People come and go. Back and forth. Death and birth, forever. They race through my gate never daring to take their time and listen to me. The more they are afraid of me the faster and more often they pass through. Only those few that have ever dared to contemplate my nature and gather knowledge of what and who I am have been able to leave their fear of death and change behind. Thus they are able hear my message when they slow down by my gate. Some of those few who listen are enchanted by my offer of “light death”. They are ready to reconsider the thought-forms that have led them to me, they are ready to let their old thoughts die and let new thoughts to be born instead. The birth of new thoughts gives new life to their body as well. These daring individuals are a welcome relief for me these days when the traffic through my gate is increasing rapidly – my old creaking joints need all the rest I can muster.”

I have visited the Gate of Death many times. It is a good gate, a beautiful gate that gives us human beings a change to renew ourselves and grow forever further. I have told you about my visit to the gate so that you could be one of those that heed the gatekeeper’s advice and accept the “light version of death” instead of the so heavy regular form. I tell you what death once told me so that you one day could remember it and use it to create your own life anew. To face the Death is to accept the renewal inherent in all the moments of Life, in this forever Now where all Life takes place, right Now. We all need to die to be reborn to Life, to find the renewal of our being that we all yearn for, right Now.