March 9

large-20090410-8273754_139821437  Death is the most fearful thing we know. We are scared  stiff for death and that’s why we keep on dying, keep on bringing our living body to the Gate of Death, and through it. Death is an old habit, a reactionary release of the body from the death grip of our old, stale and limited thoughts about ourselves and about Life itself. Death is what we bring about when we do not understand Life. Death is a bad habit.

I am writing this in the dead of night when the ebb of Life is at its lowest, when people usually die. I am intrigued by death, by this greatest of mysteries, which seems to be running our lives just because we have never dared to face it, to question it and to release it. Death is a symptom of Life denied, it is the symbol of our present way of life, of our unwillingness to engage fully in Life.

Life never ends, the ebb and flow of Life never stops. Back and forth, in and out is the way Life is lived, it is even the way new life-forms are created, or souls are called into form, into our reality. ”Le petit mort” or the little death is the orgasmic moment when our compulsory thoughts are stilled for the potential creation of new life. Death is necessary for the creation of new life, for the renewal of all the forms of Life. That may also be a key for understanding Death.

You were born with your own emotional and habitual program of Death. You were born with the very mindset that killed you the last time you played this human game of life. Thoughts, emotions or habits never die in death, they always live within our eternal spirit whether we are expressing them in this 3D material form or not. Death of our body, or the body of another, never releases us from the bothering thoughts that brought about the deadly encounter. Our thoughts never die, just as I – the thinker – never dies, but our thoughts can be reformed, they can even be released as wisdom of an experience brought to an end. But as we are afraid of Death we are unwilling to reform and release our own limiting thoughts and emotions, we are afraid of letting them go as we have learned to identify ourselves with their deadly nature. We carry Death because we are afraid of it. We kill and get killed because we do not understand our own nature, our own unwillingness to release that which is killing us.

We are all on a suicidal mission, most of us just cover it up by blaming some outside forces for the self-inflicted end result of our own thoughts. For most of us Life is a slow process of dying, where the feared for Death is allowed to inflict its pain of denial all the way from the first cry of a baby to the last breath of a dying person. We live in the Valley of Death or within the limits created by our own unwillingness to face the unknown, the endless worlds beyond our personal set of deadly limits we have once chosen to live and die for. It is honorable to die for all kinds of personal, nationalistic, religious or financial ideals, it is even enviable to kill and get killed for your righteous thoughts. Those bringers of Death should never be released, those pillars of our human identity should live even if they would bring death to our body and to all bodies around us. The whole of living nature is suffering on the altar of our deadly thoughts. We are stuck with Death, or are we?

I find it really enjoyable to bring on Death, to think about it in a friendly and courageous manner. To see Death all over the place, even within my own mind. I once got a Christmas present from one of my sons, a black belt made of leather and decorated with silvery skulls. I would have never bought such a belt for myself, but as a gift from my son I was happy to wear it. I even enjoyed the look of disgust or wonder some people had on their face when they saw the belt with the deadly skulls. And right now I am doing the very same thing by writing about Death in this disrespectful manner, I am creating interesting reactions within your mind so used to protecting you from the reality of the deadly shadow cast by your own thoughts and emotional habits. I am stirring the pot of your mind just as the belt with the silvery skulls stirred some minds, even my own.

The deeper I delve in the those grim shadows of Death the funnier it gets. The more I focus upon this most miserable aspect of our life the more joyful I become. The shadows of ages are dissolving in the very focus of someone wanting to understand and see them. Death is nothing when I really look at it, death is not a thing at all in the face of forever Life looking at it through me, or through you. Death is a shadow dissolving in the light of Life, in the moment it is finally seen as it is. Death is what we used to live for, the past finally brought to an end. This death of Death is what we have all been waiting for, the death of what we used to be.

Life itself, the still unknown force that has allowed us to play these games of Death, has never died. Life, the renewal of which has been held at bay by our deadly thoughts, is eagerly waiting for us to engage in it as fully conscious creators of it. We are Life itself ever ready to reform and recreate itself through and with us. We have just held this eternal movement at bay for a short and painful moment of eternity as we as creators got so deeply engrossed in our ability to stop and maintain thoughts as cauldrons of creation. We became so enchanted by this divine ability to create anything and everything that we finally tried the same method upon ourselves. We started creating and maintaining cauldrons of identity for ourselves. That’s when we brought about Death as every limited form by its very nature eventually evolves to fill up the cauldron of its identity. If the cauldron, or the mindset maintaining the form, is not challenged, or allowed to change, the form needs to die. That’s what Death is, that’s what is has always been. A call to challenge the death bringing mind-sets of old thoughts and emotions that have reached their natural limits.

So it is time for us to die! Time for all of our deadly thoughts to die so that we can finally bring about and create Life instead of Death we are so utterly bored with already. The secret of eternal Life is to let your identity die peacefully while your body is still alive and kicking. It is the Gate of Heaven seen and reopened, the gate that has been camouflaged as the Gate of Death for far too long. It’s time to see through the illusion of Death, to die to it, and to let your Life begin!