July 5

I am currentl25991398_3f5ab9494dy working with the finishing touches of my new book to be published this coming autumn in Finland. “Rakkauden ja kuoleman tanssi” or The Dance of Love and Death is a delicate weave of my utterly intimate experiences combined with  overarching visions of the shared wholeness of our life and humanity. It’s a powerful mix redefining the nature of a philosophical or spiritual book. Here’s “Erection of The Eternal Mind” as an example:

Erection of the Eternal Mind
Creation is the process of erection of the eternal mind. Eternal mind being God or the Quantum Soup out of which all phenomena are raised or erected. Through intense focus upon a point in the Eternal Mind a new structure and an order is erected and formed from the infinite sea of potentials. That which has been laying dormant and hidden is given a visible form and also a potency to create more. Creation works ever further through the created in an ever widening webbing of erected forms.
In some sense a human being is the ultimate erection of the eternal mind as the human brain has the potential to engage and reflect the whole range of the eternal mind. The sum of all human greatness far exceeds the potential of a human mind – as we now know it. But does it truly exceed the potential of a mind that has fully engaged all the potential laying dormant in our brain? Who knows? And who is interested in such a question when our gracious human body provides another more easily erected organ to fill our need for creative expansion?
In human being the erection of the eternal mind is most obviously seen and felt in the erection of the male organ or in – the more hidden form – the female organ in preparation of sexual act, and further creation. This particular act has occupied our eternal minds for ages as it has been presented to as the only known means of  personal creation possible for us as individuals.
For ages we have been focused upon the joys of this erected member, upon making love and fucking our brains out  to the present point of boredom. The natural role of sex in furthering life has been replaced by our utter focus on the act itself and the strong sensations and emotions coupled with it. We are stuck with the repetitious act of copulation, stuck with the hormonal rushes of emotion through endless ejaculations and orgasms. We are lost in our own body, imprisoned by a natural process of procreation.
And still we all know somewhere at the back of our mind that something sacred and utmost important lies buried under the thick and glossy, sweaty and greasy images and sensations of sex and copulation. There needs to be something more, something pure and innocent behind the hard and swift acts of banging or the hanging loneliness of hardly ever acted out or suppressed sexuality. There needs to be more than the emptiness of either shared or lonely masturbation. There needs to be more than the violence of subjugation or the violence of accepted victimhood. There needs to more than the mere acceptance of my partner’s need for sex and orgasm. There needs to be more …
Have you ever thought of your whole body – or all human bodies – as an erection of the eternal mind?  Can you think of yourself as the eternal mind that has through the act of copulation found a suitable set of genes from an ovum and a sperm, which you as the creator have then erected – or raised – to the adult form that you now occupy? What if your body – and your life – is the visible and realized form of your eternal mind – or soul? What if you are not the body you inhabit, but the inhabitant of the body, who has chosen to inhabit it in order to make known the unknown, to reveal all the aspects of him/herself to him/herself? What if you are the invisible wholeness of the eternal mind erected into a material form?
The most beautiful thing of having sex, of creating these magnificent bodies for the eternal mind to inhabit, is the immense intensity and focus in which our sexual engagement takes place. We all feel alive having sex, or even thinking about it. A grand point of focus has been erected from pale commonness of our daily life. In that heightened state we know what we want, we are visibly aroused, we are alive. For a moment, at least, for most often our lusty encounters with each other – or ourselves – only last for some petty minutes. How many petty sets of sex can you put in a day? Or a year? For how long do you have the stamina of repeating something that does not really satisfy you, something that leaves you with a hollow feeling of having missed something? Of having spent your energy in vain?

Why all this fuss? All these erections? Why has your mind created for you the body you currently inhabit?

All the quirks and hidden treasures of your mind become real through the slowness of your body and this physical, material world. You get to experience all of what you are, not only the beautiful member of yours or your partners! All of you has been erected from the mists of your mind for you to see, and understand. It’s all for you!

You are in your body solely for holy purpose of learning more of what you truly are, of what God within you is. You are hear to smell, to sense, to hear and to taste all the possible aspects of your being. You are the great invincible and invisible Life that is made graspable by and for you! You are the erection of the eternal mind. You are!