November 15

rakkauden-ja-kuoleman-kohtaaminen-kansiDear reader

It’s been quite a while since I have posted on my blogg. Living my life has demanded all my attention and I have also lately written mostly in Finnish, my mother tongue, as I have re-entered the Finnish book market after a 20 year pause.

Basam Books published a second book of mine some weeks ago; “Rakkauden ja kuoleman kohtaaminen eli miten vapautat syvimmät pelkosi” or “The Dance of Love and Death or How to Release Your Deepest Fears”  combines my view of our divine role in the Universe with the emotionally challenging and cleansing experiences of my recent years. Both of these aspects are also present in articles on this website; many of the articles in the new Finnish book were actually first written for this blog, which is a continuous story of my development, of me facing my shadows as they come…

My pause in writing this blogg does not reflect a pause in challenges; my computer was down due to two separate lightning strikes and I chose to have time out from the world of the internet. That time is now over.

I have also recently given several lectures in Finland upon the themes of my new book. I hava talked freely and with enthusiasm about Death, that greatly misunderstood creature, who patiently waits for us by his gate trying to make us stop for a while to listen before we rush to death and leave our body for the worms. Unfortunately our cultures teaches us to fear Death, which makes it very difficult for us to stop and listen to its gentle message: “Just stop for a while and ask yourself what brought you here, what made your body sick and tired of Life? Which thought, emotion or attitude? If you dare to listen to yourself and dare to let go of the deadly thought or attitude you DO NOT NEED TO DIE! You can go back to life with your body almost instantly renewed by your release of the deadly thought.”

That’s the message of Death! Every time and for everybody! How many of us do hear it? How many of us can accept it? How many of us are deadly afraid of Death, but not of our own deadly thoughts and emotions?

You see, whatever you carry with you in your soul when you enter the Gate of Death you are bound to carry with you when you come back through the same gate, now called The Gate of Birth, in order to inhabit a new body and to create a new life. The new life can never be truly NEW as long as you carry in your soul your OLD emotional programs, those ideas, ideals, attitudes, lies and truths that you have chosen to die for for ages. That is why I recommend that next time around when your life leads you to the Gate of Death you really take your time and courage to listen to this gentle servant of Life called Death patiently waiting for you to listen to him/her. I promise it to be worth you while.

Facing your greatest fear gives rise to the greatest miracles of your Life!