December 12

imagesFor a long time I had no interest whatsoever for Germany or for the Germans. Yeah, I knew that they made great cars and other technology, but somehow the country itself or its people did not exist for me. Germany was somehow covered by an invisibility cloak, or by a cloak of an enemy for they were the bloody huns of the serial histories and films of my youth. Germans were the evil ones!

The whole of our Western world has been brought up to hate Nazism and almost instinctively to shun everything that has to do with Germany, which is The Culprit as it once some 80 years ago let itself to be taken by this monstrous ideology. Germany is hardly visible as it as a whole has been shrouded in a dark veil, like a widow mourning for the long lost partner accused of hideous crimes.

Germany, the cultural and technological heart of Europe has been cruelly crucified as the guilty one. Germany’s sacrifice has freed the ruling Anglo Saxon hegemony to take over the world without any moral scruples. The winner has the right to take it all by any means possible! That is the great deception, the swindling sleigh of hand we all have been conned with, and the bitter fruits of which we all are now harvesting in our world ruled by one in practice almost dictatorially ruled country, United States of America currently wooing to become The United States of The World! This Anglo–Saxon hegemony of today is based on the conscious destruction of Germany through two planned slaughters of men and nations that harvested about 60-70 million people during the first half of the 20 century.

This statement of facts is clearly visible in historical records, but has been well hidden by cunningly deceptive layers of misinformation, which easily puts anybody daring to say something like this outside the civil society by bundling them with all those already mostly defeated ideologies – most of which the hegemony itself first created and raised to be used for its own purposes! – that once dared to oppose the onslaught of the Anglo-Saxon imperialism. So someone daring to say the truth is either a nazi, a communist, an islamist, a conspiracy theorist, a terrorist or a common nutcase, clearly somebody to shunned by the rest of us. Isn’t that how all have been taught!

The past months starting from my visit to Frankfurt Book Fair in early October and leading to my 56th birthday on the first days of December have been full of furious enquiry. After one long and tiring day in the Book Fair I sat down beside an elegant gentleman to eat my currywurst. This soon led to an interesting discussion about Germany. His father had been in the German Army, when he was send to conquer and to occupy Norway, a neighbour of my native Finland. This man also told me that when president Obama in 2009 visited an American army base in Germany he said: “Germany is an occupied country and it will stay that way.” This send my head spinning as I also knew that Germany was the central heart and motor of the European Union. So who is so openly occupying European Union and thus my home country Finland as well?

Just a year before I had married a wonderful German woman. When she spoke her own language I for the first could hear how beautiful German language could be. I already knew how harsh it was as a military command: Jawohl! Sieg heil! But the beauty of the Goethe’s poems recited by my wife was something new for me. I really felt that in order to understand her more fully I needed to approach and understand her country as well, to penetrate the veil of the past that had hidden Germany for my eyes.

Thus I decided to travel to Frankfurt partly to promote my new book and partly to get to know the Germany of my wife. She had lived for many years in the neighbouring town of Wiesbaden. I took her younger kids with me so that they could visit their father who still lived in the same beautiful town. During the ten days of my stay I the most of what I saw was the effectively run international Book Fair presumed to be the biggest of all fairs in the world. And the whole world was there vying for new business in the heart of European business.

Somebody told be that the birth-place of the Opel car industry was within the huge factory complex I passed twice daily on my commuter train. And isn’t Opel part of the General Motors of America? Another interesting fact was that near Wiesbaden there is huge area hidden behind enormous security measures or the biggest America military base in the whole of Germany. I was told that there were about 100 000 American soldiers still based in Germany! What are they really doing there?

After I came home I started an intensive study of history. I wanted to know what Germany really was. Was it just the springboard of the ultimate evil I had been given to understand? Or was there something else behind this murky role Germany had been given on the world stage of the past century?

I had studied History in Helsinki University some 30 years ago. I had learned that the historical truth changed following the political changes of the day. This was clearly visible when I followed how the descriptions of some Finnish historical figures changed in Finnish school books of history during the past 50 years. The History was always told the way it best suited the present political aspirations. I got disillusioned as I went in to find the truth about my human history, not just the lies arising out of some shifting political considerations. I was doubly disillusioned when during the last week of my teacher training I was was to give a lecture about the Finno-Soviet treaty of Agreement of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance from 1948. I described the aftermath of the war and the mutual fears of these neighbouring countries which were glossily covered by a show of friendship. This was not allowed in Finland before the fall of Soviet. My teacher stopped my lecture and I quitted my teacher training just a couple of days before I would have gained my diploma.

I thus learned that time and state of the historical observer definitely had an influence upon what was seen. So my own state, my own emotional or intellectual state would also affect the way I saw the history of my country or of my world. This led me to continue my own private studies to unravel the secrets of my mind so that I one day would be able to see clearly also the history of my world. I made a wow with myself that one day all of what I am would be visible, all the dark secrets be seen, understood and thus released. I did not know how, I did not know when but I knew that it must be possible! For how could we humans have created a world that we ourselves could not fathom? And I am a human being thus I must be able to understand my own world and reality!

I am inclined to write a book about this and to show that by the crucifixion of  Germany on the cross of Nazism – the ultimate evil! – we all have been spared to see our own dark shadows of evil or disharmony. It has also given free reign for the market capitalism or the Anglo-Saxon establishment to run the world of ours just the way they want. This cruel sleigh of hand is the cornerstone of our world, the central lie upon which the thought-prison of our illusory freedom hinges. Would you like to read on and to see how all of this affects also your mind and your reality? Let me hear from you!

PS. Do you know that the despised swastika was originally an ancient symbol for the holy wheel of life, for the spiralling renewal of all life that can be seen in the greatest of galaxies down to tiniest of atoms? Everything is spiralling within a sphere or a circle, everything is alive, except the cruel plan of enslavement of our whole world under a millennial rule of the Anglo-Saxon elitists! For that purpose both the Nazi Germany as well as the Communist Soviet were both consciously created and used so that they could annihilate each other and pave way for the true One World Order, the one that we are already living in. Do you want open your eyes? Do I?

PPS.US. born italian historian Guido Giacomo Preparata sort of opened my eyes. He lost his job in a US. university after he had published his book “Conjuring Hitler – How Britain and America made the Third Reich”. Here’s his own summary of the book: