December 26

imagesFor the past couple of months I have been almost possessed by the fate of Germany during the two World Wars of the 20th century. I have read voraciously and realised that the Germans were duped or consciously lead to the two great wars for the specific reason of destroying the rising strength and culture of that nation, the very heart of Europe. The ruling Anglo-Saxon elite saw the possible union or co-operation of Germany and Russia as a concrete threat to their power based on the rule of the seas and the colonies thereof. Germany and Russia would, if united, have made such a strong force right in the middle of the Eurasian landmass, the so called Heartland, that it would have meant the eclipse of the Anglo-Saxon hegemony of the world. The prevent that a great plan was forged in the think-tanks of the British Empire.

The sights were set for the First World War; careful planning and diplomacy were needed to isolate Germany from its neighbours, except the weak Austro-Hungarian Empire, and a lone assassin eventually lighted the fire as planned. The war brought about enormous distraction in the heart of Europe. Millions were killed, millions were maimed and the maps of Europe were drawn anew. Germany was framed as the only guilty one and burdened by enormous war reparations. The plan was to awaken the strong German nationalism after a wrongful defeat so that a new war could be initiated later on. A new dreadful enemy was also consciously created to give a direction for the animosity of the German nationalism, the communist Russia, which was deliberately created by the Anglo-Saxon elite and their monies.

The game board was baited, and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis took it on so beautifully. They nailed their beautiful land and nation and all of their people on the ancient cross of swastika, on the dynamic symbol of ever renewing Life itself. Life was turned off for a brief period of monstrous rule for the sake of a fanatic ruler whose grandiose dreams were force-fed for the proud nation of Germany. Hitler gained power, not lawfully through elections, but by connivance led and financed by the very same Anglo-Saxon circles who later consciously built the German war-machine and led its duped leader to start the war that would eventually lead to the annihilation of the great German nation. Hitler was another lone assassin who was created in order to destroy his own nation on the altar of his warped visions. He did his job well, as we all know.

During the Christmas holidays I have been reading a book by Knut Kristofersen “Heydrich – Förintelsens arkitekt” (The Architect of the Holocaust). The history of the man who seemed to be the epitome of a cruellest of Nazis was fascinating reading. It summed up and gave in a way an insiders view into what I had been reading otherwise. The details of his horrendous rule and his enormous appetite for power by any means whatsoever made my stomach churn, it was not easy but I still needed to read the book.

On one of the days of Christmas I found myself in the same kind of coldness of mind that this recognised monster called Reinhard Heydrich was famous for. I started to see my environment and the people around me from the same cruel coolness from which Heydrich had been able had been able to give orders for killing of thousands upon thousands of people who seemed to be between himself and absolute power. I did not kill anybody, I have not killed anybody during this life, but surely during my previous incarnations. But as they say that if looks could kill…

I found the Nazi from within myself, I found the state of mind that has been banished as the ultimate evil from within the vastness of my own mind. Was I deranged or was I just like anybody else in this deranged world? Wasn’t the world of business run for the profit of the tiny elite built upon the forced slave-labour of the weakest masses? Were we not in a continuous state of war with everybody around us, fighting for our own piece of the ever diminishing cake of our shared resources? Wasn’t our world filled by cool killings for the sake of my family, my company, my nation or my religion? Do I dare to face it all within my own mind?

I read on about Heydrich. He was a SS-leader who eventually got to be the leader of conquered Czechoslovakia in September 1941. He was the cruellest of the cruel, he ordered the killing of all of the possible forces of opposition right after gaining the throne of the country. He was said to have placed the Bohemian crown on his head; old legends say a usurper who places the crown on his head is doomed to die within a year. Less than a year after assuming power, on May 27, 1942, Heydrich was attacked by British-trained Czech soldiers while on his way to the Castle, and died of his infected wounds a week later.

When the book described his death it also told about his asymmetric face, of how the two halves seemed to be totally different. One soft and sensuous and the other hard and cruel. This seemed to tell something about the man, of his inner struggle. And it is a description that I have heard about my own face many times over. My father’s painter friend once noticed it from a portrait my father had painted of my as a young man. Many have commented about it later… This sort of woke me up. My mind is also divided, I am also capable of evil as I am capable of loving. I need to make a conscious decision, I need to accept and release my own evil potential. I have to let go of that which led Heyndrich on his murderous path. I need to face in myself that which was cleverly used to manipulate part of the culturally and technically advanced German nation into a voraciously killing Nazi-monster. I need to resolve that which is my part in the power hungry game of our present world, I need to stop killing myself and my world for the sake of some illusory profit and resume my great inborn ability of loving it all. That is learning…

Only when I dare to face the Nazi in me or the cold hunger for power that still runs our world can I ever be the change that I have been waiting for so long. I does not come from the killing my enemies or from the beating my competitors, it does not come from distancing myself from the pains of the presumably lower ones and of the Mother Earth itself. It comes from the loving of it all, from the acceptance of the living beauty carrying us all as my sole source and identity. Let it be, let all of my pains be faced and embraced and thus put to rest so that I can resume the loving that is what I truly am. All you need is love…Or in the words of John Lennon:

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear
War is over, if you want it
War is over now