February 20

imagesLast night a piano-tuner visited our house to tune the old piano we had recently been given by a friendly neighbor. When the neighbor told us about the piano I was a bit uncertain whether I wanted to have it; I couldn’t even make sense of his explanation of what it looked like. It sounded oddly low in stature. But when I finally saw it I was amazed by its beauty. It was really just some centimeters higher than the level of tangents, but made of exquisite reddish tree with beautiful flowing structure. I loved it and it fitted well into our living room.

But the tuning of the piano was wide off the mark. During the couple of months before the tuner came we still got used to the sound of old saloon piano. Clickety click… Nothing was broken but the tune was not quite as it should be.

The first thing the tuner said that the piano was off a half a note, if a understood him correctly, but a lot anyhow for his ears. There was a date from 1970’s from a previous tuner! And the piano turned out to have been built in our neighboring Sweden in 1942, right in the middle of the raging war that have been so deeply engrossed these past months. To top it the high-class piano mechanism turned out to have been made in Germany, which I had just learned kept its peacetime industries going intact up until 1942!

After having tuned the piano the tuner played us a piece by Mozart, how glorious it sounded! Our little jewel of a piano had just the right tones for this beautiful piece of music. It felt miraculous! So light and joyous!

Then I realized that our wonderful piano is a grand simile to our own mind. We have all got so used to the disharmonious tunes of our own mind reflected and amplified by our disharmonious society. We are used to the clickety click that we do not even remember that there exists a harmonious state of the mind as well. It’s such a long time since we’ve had our own mind tuned! It’s about time!

But the question is: Whom can we trust to tune our mind? The world is full of grand magicians, conjurers and conquerers ready to do it for us, it is filled with all kinds of magical machinery we have grown dependent for the contents of our mind. We are all following our personal Pied Pipers dressed in the colorful attires of media characters. We are being lured by those tuners of our mind.

What is the basic tune of my mind? What is the tune of ever ongoing life itself? I am sure we all have our experiences of the disharmonious worries suddenly dropping off and leaving us in a pure state of amazed joy to enjoy the mere fact of being alive. This I trust to be the basic tune of my mind, of any human mind! This is the tune of Life itself within every living being. It is the only pure source that we should ever trust to retune our mind.

But how can we ever reach it? How can we ever have access to it? I do not think that we can have access to it, our state of disharmony just cannot reach to this harmony within. It’s own messy tones keep it away from this pure source! The only way is to allow the pure tone to have access to our mind, to surrender to those natural tones of harmony and joy that have waited for our re-engagement through all the disharmonious illusions of time we have ever been clever enough to create in our world. Just let Life come through! Just let it be!

The following is a story of one of those moments of awakening to this grand tune of harmony that I have lived through. Ultimately a string of them will become a state of my mind, a new harmonious reality I have dreamed of for such a long time. The disharmony of the world is left in peace and a new world is seeded, the true new world order of harmonious tunes of joy flowing from within all the living beings daring to leave their disharmonious past aside. The world is reborn from within you and me. We are all finally One in joy!

Once upon time when I was deeply troubled I went to a therapist of some kind. She was an apprentice healer and willing to help me with my troubled mind. This happened such a long time ago that I have no idea what was then bothering me; anything, something that could bother a human being on this troubled Earth, you know.

I remember laying down on her couch and relaxing to be helped. The therapist asked me some preparatory questions about my feelings and about my history. I told her all about everything that could have caused the troubles of my mind. I gave her everything that had got awry and given me pain. I unloaded all my sorrows and my grief, all the reasons for feeling so unloved as I did at that moment.

While telling her all this serious business I suddenly felt something else stirring in me. An amused observer who had been listening to the avalanche of my misery couldn’t really hold his mirth anymore. On one level I was describing all the bad things of my life and an another level I was deeply amused by it all. A spring of laughter and joy was growing stronger and stronger. There really was something else to me than the miseries of my miss-story. Two levels of me existing simultaneously within my being.

After a while I had to choose: Am I my miserable his-story or am I the joyous being arising from somewhere beyond the mess of my mind? Whom do I want to be? Who am I?
The new-found joy arose as the true answer to my question and to the whole of my human quest. It expressed itself as a bubbling sense of freedom and as a wide and deep smile on my face. I just needed to stop relating all those rotten things of my life. There was nothing else to do or tell.

I kindly told the friendly therapist that I had now got all that I needed, all the healing that ever was necessary. I stood up and thanked her for giving me this opportunity for experiencing this healing joy within my own being. I went out into the wide world of my inborn joy, I went on with the adventure of my life.

To be honest with you, my dear reader, that even though this joyous moment of truth truly solved the problems of my mind it did not prevent me from later on getting stuck with the same past miseries of my mind. The miseries have their own neuronal motorways after all the repetitive reactions, which have engraved those heavy emotions into the structure of my brain. The new joyous paths have to built from scratch, these moments of revelation have to be repeated time after time until one day their joyous harmony becomes the natural tune of my whole being. – Let this be the day!