June 12

i-am-love-298x300.gifEverything and everybody is yearning for your love. The whole world around you is waiting for the moment when you awaken to your own divine nature as Love itself. Love is what you are. Love is what I am even though I have walked in my own shadows for a long time ignoring and abusing myself and also you, ignoring the truth of who we all are. We are Love that has taken upon itself to forget itself for a short while in eternity. We are Love finally remembering itself.

When Love in me has played all of its self-chosen shadowy roles to the limit, when there is nothing more to experience in them, to know about them, then and only then can I choose to be Love again, choose to come back to where I once started, back home to God within. When the pain of ignorance has grown to such extent that I cannot take it anymore, then and only then can I let go of it all, of all the illusions that I have carried about my loving self. Only when I acknowledge myself as the source of all of my Life, of all of my experiences, can I ever find my Love, my own loving nature that has always kindly beckoned to me through all of my fearful veils of ignorance.

It’s time to be Love, it’s time to be the Source of all creation and let it flow freely through my mind, through my soul, through my hands and through my thoughts. Let all of me be an expression of Love. I am Love just as I have always been.